Zombie Exodus Fan Works!

A thread/topic for all fan art for the Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: SAFE HAVEN games! Plus all other kinds of content, I really just wanted one place to share and talk about the creative works of the fans!


I’ll start it off with my MC for Zombie Exodus: Daniel Song! I have two main MCs for Safe Haven who I’m still trying to pin down the design for but I wanted to get something up as it’s been too long. Hopefully I can clean this up and color it sometime!

Edit: I made my post a seperate entry so the summary is by it’s lonesome. I’m new to this forum stuff that isn’t roleplay I’m so sorry.


Wow! You’re good. I really like that linework.


:open_mouth: That is impressive. I can’t even draw a straight line. Did you ever went through the trouble of making drawings of the first ZE’s different non-playable characters? They should be rad. Congrats on your impressive skills.


Ah thank you! I have a lot of ideas in my head and some (really) rough sketches in my sketchbook I might try cleaning up sometime to slap up here! I’m just the world’s slowest artist. When I finish this project I’m working on I will for sure get some drawings up of the first ZE cast!


I want to pinch his cheek–if he’d let me, of course. What profession is Daniel? I want to say Military 'cause of the name tag with his surname, but I’m thinking that he might be a custom profession? Now I’m tempted to make an air force pilot, dang it. :joy:

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He’s probably the most friendly of my three MCs (across the games anyway haha) so there’s a good chance he would! Actually he was a scientist, I kinda liked the idea of him having one of the company’s sweaters–I know some companies do such things available for employees to keep in uniform! That and I don’t think he packed his lab coat and safety goggles when he left his apartment! I mean, he could always scavenge more up but hardly the sort of thing one wants to wear when Tom makes them go out on another run amiright? Haha.

Oh an Air Force pilot would be SUPER cool!! What kind of stats and the like do you think you’d need to set up for such a character?

(I also would love to know more about your MCs…I know you posted somethings about them forever ago in the thread but I’m terrible at navigating haha. I just…like learning/hearing about everyone’s MCs).

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Y’know, now that I can see what might be the company logo on the sleeve, I can see it! It reminded me of the kind of sweater that Central from XCOM 2 wears so I assumed he had some kind of military affiliation. :joy: Honestly, I didn’t really have any concrete MCs for the first Zombie Exodus. I kinda just played, ehe. It’s only with the second one that I started defining my fellas a li’l more.

Hm… I think the preferred skills would have to be Driving and either Electronics or Leadership. Driving is non-negotiable considering the skill itself mentions being able to pilot more complicated vehicles like helicopters and planes. I might lean more towards Leadership being the second preferred skill since Electronics might push them into being a bit of a hacker as well. Leadership could at least be explained with them leading a squadron or some such. :thinking: I think they’d need high Perception, Dexterity, and Stamina when it comes to the attributes. The rest could vary depending on the player’s choice(s).

Yeah, I’ve got a trio of MCs. :grin: I can probably talk about the some time later today. The only art I have let to share of them is the individual pieces of their lineup, but I’m not sure if I want to do that. Redundancy and all that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You have some really great fan art. There’s clearly a talent there, since I can’t draw to save my life.

I have wondered what my MCs would look like though I play multiple different ones.

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I love you’re artwork you should do more

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Daniel is adorable! ;o; I’d love to draw him but unfortunately my hands aren’t agreeing with me tonight :T Probably bc it’s really cold in my house rn and my fingers are totally frozen. May give him a try tomorrow if I get my hw done early enough

My ZE 1 mc was also a scientist! His name is being changed bc he was originally supposed to be a self insert and I used one of my own (Andy) but since he’s become an individual character, calling him that feels kinda weird. I’m deciding between Michael/Mike and Matt Russo

I did multiple pts with him so I headcanon that at first he was with Tom at first but then broke up with him and eventually ended up with Devlin

He’s tiny and is constantly teased about his height, mostly by his beanpole of a boyfriend

The cat’s name is George. He belongs to my teen mc in Safe Haven


I love that cat! It’s so cute.

I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him, and pat him and pet him and rub him and caress him


AAAA look at him! I love seeing more scientists for sure god they have such interesting potential in the outbreak! Ooo renaming is always kind of hard but I like the sound of Michael Russo! Mike is a good short form, honestly it helps having a name you can shorten to a nickname I think!

BEAN POLE OF A BOYFRIEND! Haha that’s good! What ending did you get with him, or what was your favorite ending you got with him so far?

I love George. I want to squish/hug him. He looks very huggable.

Daw you don’t have to draw Daniel but I’d be happy to do an art trade with ya sometime! Mike/Michael/Matt looks super fun to draw a like a great character honestly.

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Thank you!

I want to draw Daniel though! Mostly I was thinking about drawing him and Michael/Mike/Matt nerding out together :,D Glad you like Michael/Mike/Matt! (really should figure out which one of those names soon)

As for the endings, I think I got every ending for him except for the military and the bandit ones. My favorite ones are the ones where Devlin doesn’t die. For his “canon” ending, I think it would be the one where he makes the cure

George would probably struggle a bit but give in to his fate and let you hug him :,)

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Is that supposed to be a Cyberchase reference, except that instead of George being a rabbit, he is a cat?

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It’s one of those little scenes that have sort of permeated pop culture, the whole “I will name him George” thing.


Well, I’m glad to know where that came from. Cyberchase did make a reference to it, but thanks a lot.


Glad to see someone else imagines their male MC as small and dating devlin, whom i refer to as a human tree considering it’s stated in game that he’s well over 6 foot :grin:. Love your art.


Thank you!

I love size/height differences. My mc, who I think I’m gonna call Micheal (though friends would call him Mike, and Devlin probably calls him Mikey at least sometimes), is the shortest in the cathedral at barely over five feet tall. The mental image of him having to power walk to keep up with Devlin who’s walking at a normal speed is just golden :,D


I think you can safely add electronics in there, modern combat pilots have to know their way around a lot of complicated electronics and be able to program to on-board computers of their planes in a pinch.
These day they likely also need to be able to operate drones and such.
So I’d say reasonably high intelligence and proficiency with electronics do fit right in there.

PTSD former fighter jock was actually one concept I had for a home maker character. I’d use the new character plus and give him either delusions or addiction to alcohol and possibly a short fuse as well.

Only is my mc is the taller one, I get enough of the reverse in real-life.