Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


[leaves fic here]

Honestly I just really want to write for this fandom and share fan stuff so if anyone wants to req something the inbox is open :))

Like I have no qualms about gift exchanges/trades/swaps/etc but idk where everyone is tbh


This is so cute I’m considering it an attempt on my life :skull:

@squarelyblue I love this trope! I love Adam! AHHHH


You’ve read everything O:

That was fast :))

I’m glad you liked it though! I’m working on the update as we speak so :stuck_out_tongue:


I need to get Morgan out of my system, this is becoming ridiculous…
But there is Farah being the adorable cutie she is!

Ava and Nathalie are so difficult for me to draw, it is pure torture… I am sorry, but their portraits have to wait a bit longer…
However, I have a question considering Nathalie: “Her wavy, dark brown hair is styled up.” I interpret that as that she has her hair braided or in a bun or ponytail, is that a correct interpretation? Or does it mean that she has a short haircut?
(English is, indeed, not my mother tongue)

I should have been working on assignments all this time, but noooo my fingers make fanart instead… Heavy sigh…


I know what you mean about Nat’s hair. I gave her a ponytail when I drew her but I think she has long hair, it would be hard to know it was wavy it was short, at least that’s my thought process.


It’s shoulder-length. Maybe something like
Image result for shoulder length updos


You are a godsend! c:


@Mewsly did Samir actually go for Mason too in the end? If not he might have a jacket he needs to return

Bad Taste Detective Club

I’m sorry it took so long :sweat_smile: @Celtic_Rune kept killing me with her OCs and drawing while dead isn’t easy, let me tell you!

On that note, here is a Keiji epilogue, who is also part of the BTD club~!

everyone is so short, gosh


Hey! I have seen your drawings on Sera’s tumblr, but now I can’t remember your address. Mind sharing it? :smiley:


Of course not~! https://somescribblesblog.tumblr.com/
This one isn’t there yet and I don’t really have anything new at the moment but I have plans to start posting more, if that interests you!

And thank you for liking my scribbles by the way! :smiley:


I like them a lot. So much that I was considering asking you if you wouldn’t mind taking some art commissions :thinking:.

Is the end of the month, so I am broke atm, but when I get paid (first of the month), if you are interested on it… just let me know and we can make a deal :sunglasses:

Seriously, I love your drawings so much. Mason and Nate are <3

I found @Celtic_Rune on tumblr, too. I am hunting you down one by one, guys.


Oh, you KNOW Samir is still a proud member of the Bad Taste Dective Club! (I honestly need to love on M more)

Ahh!! He looks so good, thank you for drawing him!! :heart:


to be fair, i didn’t make it particularly difficult for you :stuck_out_tongue: (one of the many advantages to being too lazy to think of multiple usernames) would it be a safe assumption that you’re the person who just followed me?

part time member, part time object of interest for ~a certain member~ of said club. what a fucking menace (and i have already yelled about this… many times, but thank you so much for drawing this literal shitpost, it’s amazing)

also i take full responsibility for distracting you, #worthit~


That’s me indeed :smiley:. Lots of trash posts :smiley:

I just noticed I finally got my invitacion for AOO, now I have somewhere to put my fics :sob:


Oh wow, that is just, wow!

Yes, if you’re interested I’d be absolutely up for it~! Send me an ask on tumblr or a PM on here and we can talk it over whenever you want <3

I couldn’t not draw him~ He needs some love after going through A and M’s routes ;3

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have enough Keiji material for at least one full 10 images post on tumblr, I hope you’re happy with yourself!

You know it~


Hee hee, yeah, I let me other MC have the cute, happy routes and he gets the angsty ones…

Gosh I feel really bad since I haven’t done any Wayhaven art for himself yet! I need to get on that!


Yes, you should~ Poor guy suffers and doesn’t even get any art for it ;3

and share when you’re done so we can all stare at the adorableness


Oh my god you draw beautifully. I’m kinda in love with your Morgan tbh :black_heart:


You flatterer.
Let’s love Morgan together <3


Well… this is awkward…

Comes in with the worst fanart at the worse time