Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


Well, I’m not very good at drawing, but if someone does do it, should they assume that your MC is asian because of the name?


Artistic skills can be learned. If it’s something you’re interested in, drawing is very much a skill like any other, and I’d be happy to refer you to some excellent resources to help you get started.

On a personal note regarding art requests...

While I won’t say you can’t ask if anyone wants to do things like this, however, I will say that many artists do not take requests, quite specifically because there is a popular outlook in many places that art isn’t work and that the time and labor that go into both mastering the skill sufficiently to be able to deliver on a mental image, especially a vague one, and the resources involved in the creation of art - and make no mistake, there are a lot of resources involved, and they can get very costly - are not worth paying for, which is blatantly incorrect. Many artists, in my anecdotal experience, end up feeling used, taken advantage of, or expected to deliver on art requests, because so many people make them casually and without regard to the fact that it is work, or even become offended when an artist implies that their time and effort are worth money. You can make requests, but I really strongly recommend being very careful with it, as it can be a very touchy subject.


No, they’d be white.

See!? I can draw characters besides Felix!

Adam frustrates me because he is everything I love in a character (grumpy grumps who are also really cute) but everything I am not good at drawing (muscles and really short hair) but if I wasn’t going to draw him being both flustered and angry then WHO WOULD?!

I did cheat with his hair cuz I think its supposed to be a buzz cut but I caaaaaan’t, I’m sorry.


Don’t feel bad, Mewsly. I had to cheat on his hair, too. XD


My first try at a haiku-style poem. Pretty obvious, who it’s about. :smirk:

Piercing Grey Suns burn
To sear or tend? I’m ablaze
My heart beats, unsealed

They would probably hate it, but at least they can’t read minds :smiley:


To avoid further clogging up the main Wayhaven thread I figured I’d put this on AO3 even though it’s freeform not-fic. this is very much nsfw, just sayin’. sweet as sugar, aka my thoughts on Keiji/Tahir/Mason and biting/blood drinking

also @ceecrab, just gonna tag you cause you said you wanted me to tag you if I ever put up more keiji/tahir content (even though i’m… pretty sure this isn’t what you had in mind)

The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2




The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

I should be sleeping because 5am and stuff, so I will read this tomorrow WITHOUT FAULT

I need fanwork to live.




Surely you did not think I could let this opportunity slip?
I mean… the moment my detective knows that she would be tied to her chair if she continued making those repeatable noises… she would make it her (life) mission to annoy Morgan with said repeatable noises.

For the sweethearts who do not like to be confronted with bondage kink: think twice before unblurring my sketchy drawing.


Is that suppose to be Morgan? Because if it is then I can’t give it a like, is just too against her character :laughing:. But the drawing is really good tho.


No darling, that is my detective who is tied down to her chair by Morgan c;
I am quite aware that Morgan will never be submissive <3




And here I was, writing the flufftastic sequel!!!

@bobsmyuncle I stayed up until 3am writing this tooth-achingly sweet fic filled with spelling errors, I’m sure–SUFFER WITH ME.


Oh, good. Is just your Morgan and your Detective look very alike :smile:.


Hope this clarifies the difference between my detective and Morgan?
Please do keep in mind that it is a rough sketch, my detective looks as if she is in her mid-thirties (she is a decade younger). It is just to clear the confusion away. … but maybe I am just creating more confusion…


Oh, please, you didn’t need to clarify anything, but thank you so much anyway! You really didn’t need to go through the effort of doing that.

I wasn’t sure because, as you said, is a sketch, and because they have very similar features from the profile, and their body is very alike. They are both quit thin, same cheekbone, similar nose and hair.


Well, as long as I am killing you with pleasure I am fine with it c;


Freaking cuties, both of them.


I feel like I should try to draw the other characters besides Mason… :thinking: but it’s kinda hard to draw exactly what I want on my phone :face_with_monocle: