Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


I just made some character posters so I thought I’d share them!
Idk who to face claim Angst du Mortain and Frisky D’awville yet so it’ll be a while before I make theirs :sweat_smile:

Ripley (MC)




I attempted to did a thing again! :smiley:

My Detective would totally hide out behind Ava.


Ava as friendly as usual… :laughing:


I made a moodboard photoset about f!detective and Adam, might as well share it here:

Adam would absolutely hate that bat picture


It’s also on tumblr.


Tried to draw Ava again. Dunno how much I like it though.


I draw a lot of grumpy Ava, so here’s a less grumpy one. Two workaholics chatting about work while walking home.


When you realize you’re developing feelings for an idiot detective that won’t stop getting themselves in deadly situations, also they have weird blood that’s super tempting to dangerous supernatural creatures and it’s your job to keep them alive.


Your bonus kills me :laughing:. Is such a perfect meme.


It’s honestly the first thing that came to mind after I drew the face. xD


My shameless Wayhaven-fangirling made my friend play it too, and she was inspired to draw amazing fanart about UB and her detective! I won’t upload the pictures here, but please check out her tumblr and consider liking/reblogging them (or if you comment anything here, I will let her know). :slightly_smiling_face:

Starring: “Honestly guys are you vampires or something?”, Felix is Very Considerate of team leader’s feelings and NO FOOD NO DRINKS.

I love them so much. :heart:


Oh god I hit my max likes!!!

Noooooo, but I loved your comic so much!!! T_T


I am laughing so hard at Mason’s smoke. Even the smoke is pissed off, brilliant :laughing:


So…I attempted to do a thing. I kept the MC’s gender vague, but you all know she’s a lady. :stuck_out_tongue: Blurred just in case. Should be fine though.

“So we just knock on a few doors and ask if they’ve seen anything weird. Quick and easy.” The detective offers, tossing the cranky looking vampire walking by their side a half-hearted smile. Ava frowns. “ Don’t be so worried, it should be fine. I mean-“ The detective quickly lowers their voice. “Most people don’t believe in werewolves. They’d probably just think it was a weirdly big dog or a bear something.” Ava’s frown deepens. “If I recall, you didn’t take very much convincing, detective.” She mutters. The detective winces at the formal tone. You can call me by my name you know. You’ve done it before. “Well, I mean…I did see a massive gaping wound on your arm heal in a couple seconds. I would probably have been a bit harder to convince otherwise.” There’s a brief silence, followed by a reluctant nod from the vampire. “That’s fair.” The detective smiles. “Anyway, the area’s pretty nice. A bit more upperscale than most of Wayhaven. I’m sure someone there saw something…and It’ll be nice to show you more of the town. I feel like you guys have only seen the more…uh…weird side of things.”

“Uh, Ava?”
The detective pauses, glancing to the side to suddenly realize they’re alone. “Oh geez, uhm…Ava? Please don’t tell me I got you lost…” Nervously the detective starts to backtrack until they see a sight that momentarily stops their heart.
Ava. Kneeling on the ground.
…petting a kitten…and smiling?
Yep. Ava is lightly stroking a little orange cat, a soft smile on her face. After the detective’s mind reboots they barely suppress a squeal. OHMYGODTHAT’STHECUTESTTHINGI’VEEVERSEEN! Unfortunately before the detective can properly decide if it’s worth the risk of trying to take a picture, the little kitten gives Ava a final meow and strolls off. Ava smiles after the little cat before standing, brushing herself off, and turning to the detective. “…What’s wrong?” She asks, brow creasing to find the detective staring at her with wide eyes and a slight blush, which quickly turns into a full blown one. “N-nothing! Just uh, I thought I lost track of you for a second, didn’t want you getting lost or whatever. Heh.” Ava frowns slightly, confusion written on her face. “…Well…should we continue, detective?” The detective jumps slightly. “Yes! Of course, long day ahead, longer if we don’t get moving.” As the two start walking again the detective smiles to themselves. Well, even if we don’t find out any information, I’d say today was successful.

…After I found out that A is a cat person I had to do something. Can you tell who my favorite of UB is?


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Dude, that’s like, super nice. :smiley:


Okay one more then I’ll stop for a bit. Detective Emma Langford in her natural state:

Fun fact, she’s only late for being early.
Also…I remember why I don’t usually draw full bodies.


Never stop! There is no such thing as too much fan art :two_hearts:


This is my first post on this forum in a while…

Here’s some fan art of my male detective Vincent!

My God this looks so awkward. Drawing on a tablet is not my strong suit. lol :joy:


Had no idea this thread existed until @spuarelyblue asked about it in the main discussion chat just now…
Anyway, here is Morgan (the way I see her), I doodled her last weekend.

The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

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Aah, you guys, these are so awesome! I love seeing how you view the characters, and also your Detectives! I’m so excited seeing all of this I’m buzzing :smiley:


So I hold absolutely no artistic ability, so can I potentially request a kind soul to take pity on me to draw my MC? His name is Maou Yuusha (Don’t ask why, I just have gotten into a kick of using that name sequence), he has gray eyes, black hair kept short, and wears the subdued waistcoat, shirt, jeans combo. I also imagine him wearing glasses and keeping his pistol in a shoulder holster. If someone could help, I’d appreciate it.