Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!

Have A Quick Doodle of My MC and Felix

I love these two together, help me…



Tell me your MC is taller than Felix.


HECK. YES. SHE. IS. Height Differences GIVE ME LIFE.


Cuties :heart::heart:


Yesssssssss. I am so tall myself, and I love wearing heels to be even taller and tower everyone around, so I always picture my MC’s so very tol


I’m hoping height stuff will be kept vague so I can always imagine Rin taller than Felix in the games lol

@Anathema Thank you!


I too enjoy displaying my dominance through tall footwear.


Is always nice when you can look down at people you don’t like :blush:

Okay One More


In case any of you forum-goers aren’t aware, over on tumblr Sera used to do little scenarios with the LIs and a generic stand-in MC and one really reminded me of my detective …

from the tumblr ask, "a mini scenario moment for each Bravo member when they walk into the Detective's office, only to get a eyeful of them shirtless for the first time (because Doug a lot of ink on Detective's shirt and it needed to be cleaned)?"

(the actual ask says male detective but Refyn here is they/them, just fyi)


And one I did for @Kanaya of her MC and Nat.




Too Kind. So adorable.


this fan art is SO CUTE and adorable, and now i wish it was part of the game haha. also i really like the design of your MC!!


I made a quick drawing of Mason it isn’t that good


Aw, thanks!! Refyn’s been a character of mine for quite a while, they’re very near and dear to m’heart :heart:


I cant draw so i done next best thing


I hate that I can already tell who’s who. :cold_sweat:


Er…I…have made a thing… (it’s been years since I felt the need to make a drawing of my MC in any kind of game)

Here is Jade Merisi (run away totally embarassed)


I think is really good, no need to run away :smiley:
I really like her bad ass face.


Thank you :blush:
She is quite bad ass, I have to admit…for Adam’s headache and Felix mirth :joy: