Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


What chat is that you talk about? :thinking:

Oh, hold on, I was thinking maybe you were in a discord group or something, if it’s something private forget what I said :sweat_smile:


Putting my shameless Adam smut here :rofl:



haha yeah, it is on discord but it’s PMs, not a groupchat. I think there was word of a Wayhaven discord like, a couple months back? But I’m not in it and I have no idea where one could go for an invite link or if it’s even still active


Here is the code to the Discord server, though it is gonna expire after 24h



Guess who just updated Nat’s New Neighbor with a brand new (prequel?) chapter???


Introducing: Casseroles and Cheez-Its

A two-shot about Nat and Ava’s differing methods of settling into the neighborhood, featuring dorky flirting, a casserole, and a box of cheez-its. F!MC/Nat

I’m also starting a wee collection about that totally amazing dumb domestic au where N and A are the adults to F and M’s moody teens and I would appreciate prompts!


Awwwwwwwww. That’s super cute dude. :heart:

Alright. prompts…I…will get back to you.


At least I tried


Hey, that’s my line! :laughing: :rofl:


I made a fanfic starring my male Detective, Will Kingston, and Adam. Find it here!


I made a 3-part fanfic with my male Detective, Will Kingston, and an all-male Unit Braco. Check it out here!



So, I decided to start over on my “one shot from each romance” series, because I’m not happy with what I ended up coming up with for my first try. These are still SUPER sketchy WIPs, and they’re behind spoiler tags because … you know, in case someone hasn’t read the scenes yet. Whatever. First two, in their earliest stages, anyway, here you go!

Farah & F!MC - end of book spoilers

Adam & F!MC - chapter 6 spoilers

I’ll pick M & N from suggested scenes and do the preliminary sketches for those, next.

EDIT: Linking the images to other uploads distorted them badly, so we’re trying uploading them directly instead.

SECOND EDIT: It worked! Much better.



I finally finished earlier than expected after debating if I should add the detective and backgrounds and went “hmm, no”. Can I get bonus points for Mason being freshly out of the shower?


Omg. Wtf. I have no words. What the fuck is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis.

Cries with joy


Maybe I gonna try to draw nat now, she deserve some love from us to draw her.
(and make sure not to potato it)


OMG LOVE It they are so cute ;3; Both. All. Yes.


It’s been super long since I draw, like, more than five years, so I am really rusty on this, but you all motivate me to give a go after all this time.

My MC Marla de Lis. She looks better in real life :joy:

PS: I don’t have a tablet to draw, or a scanner either. So, a picture from my phone is what you get :joy:


I know what you mean! This fandom is so wonderful, I’m actually regularly writing fanfiction–I haven’t done that since my freshmen year of high school!
And it’s all because of this positive and welcoming fandom! :blush:

And I love the way your MC looks. Her eyes a beautiful and her eyebrows is 10/10 :ok_hand:


Same with the fanfics! I haven’t write anything proper for a long time, but this fandom is purely amazing :heart:


The fandom got me started with digitally drawing to which im grateful for. This fandom is great agreed


Scene for Nara-O:

End Game Spoilers - M!OC and Adam


Doodle of one of my girls for me:

Leola Genovese - F!MC

Or rather, she’s one of my MC’s. She’ll be Love!Triangle MC.