Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


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this morgan and farah gives me life!!!


I am so happy to hear that c:


A teenager sits alone on the rooftop of an apartment watching the sunset. For the fourth time in the past fifteen minutes they glance at their phone, sighing when they see they don’t have any messages. Another fifteen minutes pass before the door to the rooftop behind them slams open, the loud bang making them jump. “I’m so, so sorry!” The woman says between ragged gasps. The teen glances over and shrugs, smiling halfheartedly. “It’s fine mum. You okay?” “I am, and it’s not.” The woman argues, finally catching her breath and making her way over to her child. “It’s not okay. I’m so sorry sweetheart. You have every right to be angry with me.” She reaches out and gently rests her hand on their shoulder. The teen shrugs again, neither pulling away nor reaching out to their mother. “I’m not angry.” “Disappointed?” The teen sighs, smiling ruefully. “…Maybe a little. But I get it. I’d be more upset if someone got killed because you were watching me stand around bored for an hour instead of doing your job.” “It was your graduation…” The mother whispers, sadness bleeding into their voice. “It was boring.” There’s a brief, uncomfortable silence between the two. “So…did you run here or something?” The teen asks, glancing at their mother. “You seemed pretty out of breath.” Their mother chuckles. “Yeah, the car…broke down.” “Geez, again? What do you do to the poor thing?” The teen asks, chuckling. Their mother smiles. “Let’s just say I hope you have more luck with cars then me.”

A more comfortable silence falls over the two as they watch the sun creep lower in the sky. “So…I’ve been thinking.” “About what sweetheart?” “Well…I’ve been thinking about maybe becoming a cop…” A brief frown flickers across the mother’s face, which isn’t missed by their child. “You don’t approve?” The mother shakes her head. “It’s not that, just…it’s dangerous. That’s all.” “Yeah, I guess. But I think I could be good at it. I mean, I’ve always been a fan of mysteries, and I’d be protecting the people in town, so…I think that’d be a good use of my time, you know?” “I do.” The mother responds, smiling. “I just worry about you.” “You shouldn’t.” The teen offers with a grin. “This is Wayhaven! Nothing ever happens here.” “Well I hope you’re right.” The mother responds with a soft chuckle. “It’s getting cold up here, how about we head inside and I make you some hot chocolate?” “…with extra whip?” “Of course with extra whip.” The two stand to go back inside, the mother wrapping an affectionate arm around their child’s shoulders and giving them a quick kiss on the top of their head. “I’m proud of you.”

I tried to do a thing…it half worked…sorta. So…yeah. shrugs super hard Tried to keep the MC’s gender ambiguous cause yeah.


I like this. This is a really clever and interesting idea. I may end up having to do a few things like this at some point <.<


ahhh bless you i love this! sweet writing :slight_smile: and my MC’s relationship with Rebecca is more towards the strained side but she still tries her best to see the good in her mother, so i can totally picture this exact interaction happening between them!


Awww, thanks you guys. :blush:


Gasp at everybody’s beautiful work.



There are a lot of men in my next two sketches, which I’m still crazy bad at drawing, so my lazy butt has been stalling with MC portraits.


What is that, you ask? Two fics at once? That’s right lads, I forgot to make a post last time so now I’m doing two in one.

A Storybook Kind of Romance was just published. If you want Nat wooing the heck out of Tanwen, my ray of sunshine detective, and Tanwen being appropriately very flustered, this is the fic for you

(Un)Welcome Interruptions is something of a different beast. Written based on absolutely amazing art by @SomethingSome about Bobby being his usual self to Keiji and Tahir getting… protective (art which is also embedded in the fic itself!). Part of the Keiji/Tahir(/Mason) AU, which is now all collected in the did it hurt series for convenience


I’m not sure if this is the point of the thread but…I figure this ask/answer would be rather inspiring to us folks:

I present to thee, Sera’s answer about A visiting Japan’s Cat Island!!!

Tell me true, is anyone else tempted to draw A being simultaneously drowned yet relaxed in cats???


Would that I could draw cats my friend.


Utterly adorable, oh my god.


I wish I could draw. I have this great mental image of a cat putting its butt in A’s face, because they deserve it.


First ever Douglas art ever, I claim Douglas superiority and self-title of Douglas’ Lover.
@Mewsly, we gotta spread more love about our son!


Yesssss!!! Our beautiful, perfect, useless son!!! I love him!! This looks so good!! :two_hearts:


We need a heart 10X button cause trash son deserves all the likes! It looks great!


@Mewsly @dagger1819 I don’t know what happened, you guys.

I tried to re-write Casseroles and Cheez-Its (aka Nat’s New Neighbor) to include the little skit I wrote earlier, but instead, Angst du Mortain struck again and the re-write ended up making chapter two angsty instead of funny.
Damn you, du Mortain!!!

In any case, here’s the re-written chapter two (Ava’s Awkward Avoidance).

And here’s chapter one (Nat’s New Neighbor) in case anyone missed it.


Oh man this was fantastic! Great work as usual!:+1:


aw, shucks! :heart: