Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


Aww poor Ava. Feelings are confusing.


Ava: Feelings are so hard! Why do I have so many??? :sob:


Casually drops the best bois here. I love them so much.


Man, I have got to figure out how you do short hair like that. < insert dramatic sigh here >


When all else fails, you scribble lines >:3 also most importantly is to find references. I intended Mason to have a tamer wavy hair instead of the wild curly one I gave him here but eh I had troubles drawing it sometimes. Also I’ve been wanting to draw Adam with the usual soldier cut. He somehow reminds me of a renegade Shepherd from Mass effect.


I haven’t played enough ME to have an opinion on that, but yeah, references are probably the most important thing.

Scribbles, though? Really? I mean, I see it, now that you say it, but it sounds so … simple.

Thanks for the tip!


@Meira_Litch Something I just found out: we can make our posts wiki-posts, which means anyone can edit them. That way, everyone can add their links and a summary if they like so you don’t have to take time out of your day to do it! :slight_smile: Just a suggestion since I’m about to go wiki the FAQ.


After some proportion (though cropped since it’s isn’t exactly proportional :frowning_face:), coloring and the face difficulty, I finally finished drawing one of my MC:

And I second @impeccably-stressed to make the main post wiki @Meira_Litch, it must be tiring to compile fan work every time it’s posted :grimacing:


I know I promised an update for Easter but family obligations got in the way. So I decided to post instead a one-shot that could be read separately from Shall We Dance but if you’ve read the fic then you know it’s the telephone booth incident in Chapter Three

Tiny Preview Because I'm Not Yet Done Editing

“Shows what he knows of competence. You are good at what you do, Detective.”

“If I was,” Emma whispered slowly, her gaze tilting upwards to meet Adam’s, “I would’ve figured us out a long time ago.”


“Yeah. Us.”

Another boom of thunder echoed outside, the howling of the winds rattling against the glass as a flash of lightning struck again. In that moment, Adam had shifted his weight towards her – almost pinning her against the glass. His eyes bore into her own with a kind of intensity that Emma knew the scales in his mind had begun to weigh her confession.

“Adam, what are we exactly?”

Hopefully I’ll be able to post a little later today!


More and more of my sunshine child, Douglas! Little cutie needs more love, in bed… :wink:


It is a really good idea, but I can’t make my own post wiki, so probably a moderator or admin would have to do it. Maybe you can do yours because your trust level in the server is higher?


Oh, I didn’t know that! :flushed: Woops.

If you want, we can just call a moderator or leader to do it? :slight_smile:


But please do experiment a lot. It’s important to study on small stuff like this. Heck, even listening to solar sands rage ranting motivates me to draw better. I might do another redraw on the boys since I don’t really like the uncanny feel the one I did earlier. Maybe I’ll include the girls next time.


Sounds good to me, but I have no idea who the moderators are :sweat_smile:


You can call them by doing the @ and then Moderators.

Hey, @moderators can you make the first post a wiki-post, please?


Done, but please do try to moderate your use of “@” moderators (try and tag specific mods). Doing that notifies everyone, including the full time CoG staff.


Oh, sorry about that! :flushed:

I’ll keep that in mind for the next time a moderator is needed.


A bit late for the party but here is Ava!


Good fan art is never late! You posted it right when we needed it most.


I forgot to mention :)) I uploaded the oneshot

Which I should actually get around uploading in Ao3 this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

Summary: When you’re trapped in a dingy telephone booth because of a storm and you and your emotionally constipated not-boyfriend have not talked about the elephant in the room

Pairing: FeMC x Adam du Mortain