The Lost Heir Guides and Assorted Help

EDIT: This post is now a wiki for anyone that wants to go ahead and clean this up or add to it so it’s easier to search.

Hello everyone, I’ve been awhile for awhile and in that time I noticed that the TLH guide has been growing more popular, though it also causes a lot of unnecessary spam with people asking for an invite to the guide. I know MANY of you have been asking for a way to make it public (as I read into the wee hours of the day trying to catch up on everything I missed.)

Anyways, the Cult of Neo is going public, as I’m posting those guide thread with the guides from the original PM. Also thanks to all the people who have been inviting people to the guide when they ask while I wasn’t away, I appreciate your diligence!(which I sorely lack.)

Anyways, the guides (Note: These are from TLH, guides from 2 and 3 I’ll work on someday but there is no definite time period for them. Also, you may post your own guides as well, feel free to.)

First I’d like to say that this is AFTER update. So it’s up to date with the stats I recently got and any errors/bugs I’ve encountered (the lost dagger being one). Also majority of my playthroughs are me playing as a “good” character.

Generally speaking I focus on TWO combat stats. Blades and Magic. Magic being my primary, blades my secondary. The reason being is magic is useful for many situations. From conjuring fire and light to directing magical wrath towards my enemies. Blades and in turn daggers are useful when magic is unusable like tight spaces (Like the final confrontation with Thuja, in the jail cell!).

My main body stat is agility, because it’s helped me save little bits of gold now and then(by allowing you to do frets of agility that would normally require the rope or some other item) and will help in combat (at least in part 2 :wink: )

Charm for me is essential. It allows me to avoid some combat checks or make combat easier to start with or avoid having to spend gold in some situations. Plus charming the pants off peasants is enjoyable imo. Amos is my guardian for this specific play through, because I need to be a Bard. Also I will only be listing options that add stat points. And other important stuff (like foster parent) Not flavor choices.

Alright now for the actual guide.

Bard Guide
  1. In the dream: cast a mighty spell +3 magic
  2. Spellbook as prized posession +10 arcana +20 magic gain spellbook
  3. Gracefully dodge +10 agility
  4. Childhood friend is noble (I normally go for gender that I’m attracted to so for me Female)
  5. Practice fencing +10 blades
  6. Lean over and kiss +5 Petra relationship
  7. Say kindly “your smart” +3 Petra Relationship +1 good
  8. Music, Diplomacy studies +10 charm and perception
  9. Compound is in Vernex +3 Geography
  10. Listen intently +1 Arcana
  11. Thank You Harmond +1 Charm
  12. “Oh you know showering the commoners with gold, etc” +2 charm
  13. Go to training yards, speak to old knight, ask training with swords +3 blades
  14. Visit dungeons, reply honestly, reply hello, so how do you walk so silently? +3 stealth +5 Amos relationship
  15. Visit temple, is divine magic different? +3 religion and magic
  16. Visit Royal gardens, ask inanely +5 nature
  17. try to strike with a ball of fire +3 magic
  18. attempt to revive parents +2 nature
  19. Dodge through guards +2 agility
  20. Choose Amos
  21. Thankful advised not to do anything rash +3 Amos Relationship
  22. Learned how to fight with a sword +20 Blades
  23. Bard +5blades, archery +10 Arcana, history, Amos relationship, +15 Charm, agility, gain lute and +140 gold

Ok from here on out there will be your companions. Specifically I usually date Karla, but that doesn’t mean you have too, it’s completely optional, BUT I will list all the other options to raise your relationship with the other characters to at least 75+ each (or at the minimum hear their personal story)

  1. Any luck with infinity arrow? +3 Karl(a)
  2. Buy dagger (only equipment you really need at this point with this build)
  3. Walk out of town, ready to practice? Practice sword fighting +3 Blades
  4. Go to tavern, order a meal +3 Karl(a) relationship
  5. Order some drinks +3 Karl(a)
    Ok from here out it depends on whether or not you want to date Karl(a) or not.
    29A) If attempting to date, Return attention to Karl(a), reach across table, ask Karl(a) to date you +15 Karl(a) relationship +3 charm
    29B) Flirt with server, ask server to come home with you, +10 charm (Just for future reference flirting and hitting on with Karl(a) and then flirting with the server causes a -10 or -15 relationship. Also you need a minimum of 30 charm to sleep with the server)
  6. Ask what do you know about them? +3 Arcana
  7. Won’t use them unless I have no choice +1 good +3 Amos relationship
  8. Hug old thief and say goodbye +15 Amos relationship
  9. Notice (s)he has a plan and follow +3 perception
  10. Answer honestly +3 Theo(a) relationship
  11. Introduce yourself +3 Theo(a) relationship
  12. Soothe sheep with song +3 Magic
  13. Where are you from? +3 Theo(a) relationship

Do NOT choose to steal. It gives +3 evil and stealth and this is a “good” character and you need to have at least 70 good by the time you reach Elmville a 2nd time.

  1. Choose to not learn demon summoning
  2. Tell girl to use one of spare blankets +3 good
  3. Stab troll with dagger +3 blades
    Free +3 Arcana (I think)
  4. Conjure fire +3 magic (need at least 30 magic I believe. At least pre update)
  5. Pick up flaming brand and attempt to set troll on fire +3 agility
  6. Call to Theo(a) (Without 30 perception Theo(a) will fall into the pit and get knocked out, climb down, search pit, open the door (YOU not Theo(a), Throw your dagger at first Kobold +3 blades

(NOTE: If Theo(a) is uninjured (s)he will take care of the rest of the Kobolds otherwise they will overwhelm you when throwing your dagger, also there is a glitch where you don’t regain your dagger at this moment. You won’t need the dagger again till the final confrontation with Thuja)

  1. Cast a spell to create a magical glow +2 magic
  2. Kill it with fire! +3 magic
  3. Drop by temple first, pray to good gods +2 good and religion, make a donation and donate 10 gold +3 good (first time is unique in providing +3 rather than +1 good when donating 10 gold)
  4. Become a partner
  5. Serve as a nature guide and demonstrate knowledge of magic, Become Druid +30 gold +20 Nature +15 Magic
  6. Yes I wanted to talk to you too +5 Theo(a) relationship (WARNING: If Theo(a) is a gender that your character pursues (s)he will essentially attack the MC in lust. At least pre-update)
  7. Extend your hand +3 Jace/Jess relationship
  8. Hug back +3 Peter/Petra relationship
  9. Come on Peter/Petra, A soulburner can be useful +5 Jace/Jess -5 Peter/Petra
  10. Interrupt question with firm kiss +10 relationship(Available if Peter/Petra is preferred gender) (Yes must do this. In order to achieve high enough relationship with both Peter/Petra and Jace/Jess)
  11. DO NOT BUY A HORSE, When Theo(a) gives mule choose “Thank you for the gift” +2 good
  12. Practice New songs on lute +5 History and Arcana, +3 relationship with everyone
  13. Exhaust nearly all options for each character when talking to them several are flavor choices, but a few you need to do or avoid. Do NOT enter any companions tent they will get mad (or majority at leas) Agree with Peter/Petra about Jace/Jess +5 Relationship (Do NOT pick flowers for anyone unless you’re trying to romance them), For Theo(a) do NOT insult hir people ever
  14. At the bloodwasp confrontation tell Peter/Petra to take it easy and that they should thank Jace/Jess +10 Relationship with Jace/Jess -10 with Peter/Petra
    This is the Som’reth ruins now
  15. Conjure a noxious cloud +3 magic and 2 guards taken out, Call upon the grass (Druid only option) +3 magic 3 guards killed, all guards Dead.
  16. Explain to others what statue means +3 Arcana
  17. Try to pull stone loose, keep trying (If strength 60+ I believe or Theo(a) uninjured the stone will be taken easily otherwise you lose health
  18. Ransack antechamber (Gold… The gold!!!)
  19. Say we need a place to stay and offer to pay +1 good +3 Amos relationship
  20. Choose so that’s why I need a demon stone. Demanding the stone results in evil morality
  21. Invite whoever you’re romancing to you’re room provided you have high enough relationship, unless your after Karl(a) which you will go out alone
  22. Hug Karl(a) back (this might be only available if you’re dating them) +10 relationship
  23. Karl(a) is a good choice +3 Amos and Karla relationship
  24. Take the gem as your share, gain gem of seeing +20 perception +230 gold.
  25. Rebuy your dagger since the glitch from earlier causes you to lose it, also from here donate gold to the needy in increments of 10 for +1 good each until you reach 69 good.
  26. Perform at Full Cup Inn +5 Charm +50 gold
  27. Visit Jowal the Peddler +3 charm +1 good
  28. Buy History and Geography books (Not NECESSARY, but having high knowledge stats will be helpful in the sequel game)
  29. Speak to each companion and learn their story/quest and always be supportive of them, when speaking to Amos (or any foster parent) and not being a demon summoned you gain the family signet ring and +3 to all stats
  30. Spar weapons with Theo(a) +3 relationship and +10 Blades
  31. Visit Suno/Suna, with at least 60 charm and being attracted to Suno/Suna gender (they won’t always be the gender you prefer. It’s randomized I believe) you can gain +3 charm (provided you’re ok with sleeping with then and possibly cheating with your romance interest) you NEED at least 70 good here. Convince hir to go to the temple for healing and cover the cost or alternatively if you’re a Priest heal hir yourself and then train with Suno(a) for +15 blades and archery and +10 magic (YEAH!)
  32. Personally I do helping farmers with drudic magic for +5 magic and nature and +150 gold, but at this point your charm, magic, and blades stats are sufficient enough (at least 70 combat, 65 charm) to pass any combat check for the remainder of TLH 1 so you can choose to train something else entirely or get a different job if you want.
  33. When Theo(a) asks about Karl(a) being sure of the route it’s a +5 win who you agree with and -5 with who you don’t. So this depends on you really. At this point you should have heard everyone’s stories so at least have 70+ relationship with everyone so how it’s up to you to decide which relationships to increase/decrease
  34. Exmaine the Shrine +3 religion, and then ignore it (Evil characters can put 200 gold for the feather of glibness which adds +20 or so charm. I find this kind of useless as a Bard who’s charm is pretty high already)
  35. Whichever way you can find the hidden entrance in the cave, whether asking Peter/Petra about the path or having at least 50 of history, Arcana, or religion, or using the gem of seeing, choost to enter the secret entrance, climb the staircase, attack the undead with your sword for +3 blades, Leave. (Yeah. Leave lol. I go purely for the +3 blades. You can try to get the cloak of spiders, but with a high agility or any kind of “body” stat it’s not as useful, also with this specific build hounding have the devices or endurance needed to get the Cloak)
  36. If you’re romancing someone do the short stop and ask them if they want to dance and pull them into the square with you for +10 relationship and +3 religion and charm. Otherwise… Just Ignore it.
  37. Tell them you have an unregistered demon stone to sell
  38. Choose “But surely if I’d arrived earlier I’d be in already” +3 charm and avoid having to bribe the guard to let you in
  39. Send whoever you want to Zusak’s quarters, but remember who you send first gets a +5 relationship and the 2nd person always gets a -5 relationship. This choice is up to you, but personally I send in Theo(a)
    and then Jace/Jess

(NOTE: The infiltration is NEVER successful. All this option does is determine which relationship to boost and weaken)

  1. Keep up cover and sell demonstone. (It’s a decent sum of gold, and as a non-demon summoner basically useless to me
  2. Go STRAIGHT to the amphitheatre
  3. Cast a Bolt of fire at Zusak +3 Magic Thuja will block the attack and suffer damage -25 Thuja Health
    Ok after all that ish… starting from the death of your foster parent ( :cry: while in the jail cell
  4. Plunge your dagger into Thuja’s stomach +3 blades, -25 Thuja Health (at 50 now)
  5. Dodge the blow, +3 Agility (even if you somehow fail this check you only lose 25-50 health. So long as you never reach 0 health no companion will die)
  6. When the three guards rush into the cell, stab with your dagger +3 blades (using your sword, magic spells, or archery usually end up with You suffering damage due to being unable to properly draw your weapon. The dagger is perfect for this very moment)
  7. When killing the demon summoning guard it depends on what stat you want to raise. Using sword or throwing your dagger +3 blades or casting a ball of force +3 magic (Go for the caster not the demon. The demon dissapears when the caster dies) I went for ball of force for +3 magic.
  8. Cast wise spread lighting -25 Thuja Health
    Automatic -25 PC health
  9. Pull out Lute and start strumming, Choose any option for attack (whether telling your companion, using your sword or dagger, or casting a quick spell) Thuja -25 health, Thuja Dead, Gain belt of speed

From here you choose where you want to go and who to travel with and… You’re done!

If you did it EXACTLY as I did it from every choice (which you don’t have to) which includes dating Karla or at the very least follow this guide to a certain extent. At least till step 73 your stats should be similar to mine which are;

Bard Stats

Good: 70% Evil: 30%
Agility: 56%
Charm: 71%
Endurance: 23%
Perception: 56%
Strength: 23%
Willpower: 23%
Archery: 23%
Devices: 3%
Magic: 87%
Blades: 84%
Stealth: 6%
Unarmed: 3%
Arcana: 58%
Geography: 36%
History: 48%
Nature: 78%
Religion: 34%
Theo: 100%
Petra: 91%
Karla: 100%
Jace: 73%

I hope that helped!

Ok for a Squire/Ranger guide.

Squire/Ranger Guide
  1. Dream: Cast a spell +3 magic
  2. Spellbook +20 magic gain spellbook
  3. Good eye for noticing gaps +10 perception
  4. Childhood friend is a Noble, yet again and gender that I pursue (poor Gill/Gale :frowning: )
  5. practice archery +10 archery
  6. Lean over and kiss Peter/Petra +5 relationship
  7. Say Kindly “your smart” Peter/Petra +3 relationship +1 good
  8. Academics +10 History, Geography, Arcana, Religion
  9. Compound is in vernex +3 geography
  10. Listen Intently +1 Arcana
  11. “Thank You Harmond” +1 charm
  12. Oh you know showing the commoners with gold, etc +2 charm
  13. training yards, speak to old knight, ask for training in archery +3 archery, Sir Grady relationship +5
  14. visit dungeons, speak to Amos, “How do you walk so silently?” +3 Stealth, Amos relationship +5
  15. Visit Temple, Ask about Divine magic +3 magic and religion, Sister Geri relationship +5
  16. Visit Royal Gardens, Ask Inanely, +5 nature and Lady Emaline relationship
  17. try to strike with a ball of fire +3 magic
  18. Beg “I can help you” +2 charm
  19. Push through guards +2 strength
  20. Choose Sir Grady (auto +3 strength)
  21. Thankful +3 Sir Grady relationship
  22. learned swordplay +30 blades
  23. Squire +15 blades, +10 charm, strength, endurance, archery, +175 gold, +5 Sir Grady relationship
    24)Any Luck with infinity arrow +3 Karl(a) relationship
  24. Buy dagger and bow
  25. Walk out of town, ready to practice? Practice archery +5 archery
  26. Go to tavern, order a meal +3 Karl(a) relationship
  27. order some drinks +3 Karl(a)
  28. If trying to date Karl(a) return attention to Karl(a), reach across table and ask to date you +3 charm, otherwise flirt with server and sleep with them +10 charm
  29. Ask what do you know about them? +3 Arcana
  30. Wont use them unless I have no choice +1 good +3 Sir Grady relationship
  31. Hug and say goodbye +15 Sir Grady relationship
  32. Struggle to see the board, talk boy into giving job to you +3 charm
  33. Introduce yourself +3 Theo(a)
  34. Convince others to do their best +3 charm(with this play through you need the +10 boost from sleeping with the server)
  35. Ask where are you from? +3 Geography
  36. Choose to not learn demon summoning
  37. Tell girl to use so are blankets +3 good
  38. Fire arrows at Troll +3 archery
    Free +3 Arcana
  39. Conjure fire +3 magic
  40. Push troll into fire +3 strength
  41. Call to Theo(a)
    43)Climb down. (-40 health. Don’t worry about it it’ll recover), have Theo open the door and support with arrows +3 archery
  42. Cast a spell to create a magical glow +3 magic
  43. Kill it with fire! +3 magic, gain Necklace of Shamanism +20 nature
  44. Go to temple, pray to Good gods +2 religion and good, donate 10 gold +3 good (like @Lycoris mentioned you can do the oath to never steal for +10 good, while I know going back on this promise in TLH2 had some consequences I’m unsure if it’s tracked across games which it probably is, but eh who knows)
  45. Become a partner -170 gold, Theo(a) relationship +5
    Auto -20 gold for lodging
  46. Work as Nature Guide, Demonstrate knowledge with bow, Gain level in Ranger, +40 gold, +10 Geography, perception, stealth +20 archery and nature
  47. Yes I wanted to talk to you too +5 Theo(a) relationship
  48. Extend your hand +3 Jace/Hwess relationship
  49. Hug hir back +3 Peter/Petra relationship
  50. Soulburner can be useful +5 Jace/Jess’ -5 Peter/Petra
  51. interrupt question with a firm kiss +10 Peter/Petra relationship
    Squires get their own event where they can gain a poorly trained competition horse. You can choose to get it as Lucid hinted of big things for the horse or sell it for money (I never had the heart to do that so I don’t know the amount)
  52. Work out with Theo(a), +10 Strengrh, +5 Theo(a) relationship
    From this point just chat with each if your companions raising their stats up and if any of them are the one you’re romantically pursuing pick flowers for them, and NEVER enter their tent at night. Usually ends pretty badly
  53. Use nothing, but the bow options when fighting the guards, attacking from the distance, fire your Boaz shoot a guard, +3 archery each for a total of +9 archery from the fight with the guards outside the ruins
  54. Explain to others what the stone means +3 Arcana
  55. Ransack Antechamber
  56. We need a place to stay, we can pay +1 good +3 Sir Grady relationship
  57. Choose so that’s why I need a demon stone
  58. If you’re trying to romance someone (Thats not Karl(a) ) and have a sufficiently high enough relationship invite them to your room
    If romancing Karl(a) hug them back for +10 relationship
  59. Say Karl(a) is a good choice +3 Sir Grady and Karl(a) relationship
  60. Take gem as share, gain gem of seeing, +20 perception
  61. Visit stores, go to Temple, donate gold in increments of 10 until you’re good is at 69 (If yore financing Peter/Petra and planning on journeying with them for their quest buy a flask of holy water don’t don’t use it at all, you’ll need it for next gain :wink: )
  62. Visit Jowall and ask about his sister for +3 charm and +1 good
    In Elmville you have quite a few options to raise your skills. What I did was…
  63. Visit Suno(a) and ask them about why they aren’t adventuring, suggest healing, offer to cover cost of 50 gold for healing (need 70 good for this, at least pre path), Ask for training AFTER healing +15 blades and archery +10 magic
  64. Train with Sir Grady (also speaking to him gets you your family signer ring provided you’re not a demon summoner) +10 blades, +5 Strength, endurance, agility, Sir Grady relationship
  65. Jog with Theo(a) +10 Endurance (needed if you want to grab the cloak of spiders) (you could hunt gain instead for an archery boost and 200 gold this allowing you to buy book of history for +10 History or just extra cash in the pocket)
  66. bought book of maps for +10 Geography
    78 Say what you know about the route (need 69 geography or ranger) +5 Geography +3 Theo(a) and Karl(a) relationship
  67. Study corridors to see if anything looks different +3 perception
  68. Enter corridor, attack them with your sword +3 blades, afterwards ask Peter/Petra to repel the undead
  69. Search for traps +3 devices
  70. Take Cloak -25 Health (need at least 60 devices for disarming traps)
  71. Attempt to shoot the cloak off pedestal +3 archery, gain Cloak of Shadows
    If you’re in a relationship at this point make the short stop, Ask you’re SO if they want to dance, and pull them into the square for +10 relationship and +3 religion and charm
  72. I have an unregistered demon stone to sell
  73. But surely if I had arrived a few weeks earlier +3 charm
  74. Send whomever you want. Whoever is first gains +5 relationship and the lackey gets -5 relationship
  75. Keep up cover, sell demon stone gain 250 gold (you don’t have to, but like I said before as a non-demon summoned its kind of pointless)
  76. Go to amphitheatre
  77. Draw your bow and attempt to kill Zusak +3 archery -25 Thuja Health
  78. Cast a blast of magic +3 magic
  79. Catch Thuja’s wrists +3 strength
  80. Stab with your dagger +3 blades
  81. Anything. They’ll all fail and you’ll take a -25 health as Thuja will dodge. (You could try to get in close and attempt to remove his belt, but you need at least 40 agility, unsure of the magic)
  82. Shoot an arrow at Thuja -50 Health, +3 archery, Thuja dead, Gain Belt of Speed
    And from here on out you decide where to go etc etc
Squire/Ranger Stats

My final stats were
Good: 70% Evil: 30%
Agility: 26%
Charm: 63%
Endurance: 48%
Perception: 66%
Strength: 59%
Willpower: 23%
Archery: 90%
Devices: 6%
Magic: 52%
Blades: 79%
Stealth: 16%
Unarmed: 3%
Arcana: 53%
Geography: 64%
History: 43%
Nature: 71%
Religion: 44%
Theo: 100%
Petra: 100%
Karl: 98%
Jace: 62%
Your mount, a poorly trained tournament horse named Nexus.

a pouch on your belt containing 277 gold
a spellbook
a sword on your belt
a dagger in your sleeve
a bow strung over your back
A backpack containing:

  • a black runebag with 3 glowing stones and 1 unglowing stone in it
  • a water skin
  • flint and steel
  • a sleeping roll

You are wearing:

  • the bone Necklace of Nature around your neck (+20 Bonus to Nature)
  • the Gem of Seeing in your pocket (+20 Bonus to Perception)
  • the Cloak of Spiders over your shoulders and down your back
  • the Belt of Speed around your waist
  • your family signet ring, on a chain, around your neck (+3 to All)

Assassin/Druid Guide by @kacka07 and Ranger/Thief Guide by @Nathan_Faxon

Squire/Ranger Guide Part 2 by @NeoHeartless

Vampire/Necromancer Guide by @Necromancer

Catalyst/Rune Warrior Guide by @Patrick_Lyons

Rune Warrior/Dragon Rider/Knight by @Tool

Bard Build (All Magical Items LH1) by @Lys

Demon Summoner/Paladin Guide by @Xillean

Strategic Considerations for Epilogue of LH1 by Ramidel

Editor 1 Notes @Infamous
For the most part, I’ve added all main guides from this topic and the private group . All that’s left is to continue trying to make this a better wiki, with additional side notes, tips etc etc.
On my end, I have a few guides to post myself.

  • How to attain legendary mounts. The one’s I’ve gotten are; Paladin’s Mount, Crocodile, and Worm.
  • How to get animal companions. I’ve gotten; Mouse, Wolf, Bear, Eagle??

Anyways, until then!


Also, special thanks to @Lucid for creating The Lost Heir. :grin:

I can’t wait to shut myself in away from friends and family for days playing through TLH3.


Your holiness Pope @EmperorHeartless would you perhaps possess a guide for a knight/dragon knight?


That’s fairly easy. I can probably make and post one tomorrow as a Dragon Knight is essentially my main.


Does this include both lost Heir 1 and 2?

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You can achieve it if you go through TLH1 with the Squire/Ranger guide.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll go through LH1 with a squire/ranger for now.

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I want to thank you very much for this guide. I always wanted to optimize in this game, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it after a few days, and it’s pretty frustrating.


could you make me a guide for Wizard/Demon Summoner please and thank you


Does anyone have guide for priest?

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Got an evil priest/mage guide? Can do one myself but always fail in the last fight in the first game…

  • Have at least 1 level of Sage (it will allow you to deactivate Thuja’s belt which will make him useless, after that just kill him with whatever way you desire).
  • Or have at least 1 melee weapon, when Thuja’s back is against you get close to him and stab him (I think blade skill is not necessary here since I could do it with only 11% of it. That is your last chance to kill him, after that whatever you choose will lead you to lose the battle).

Here are a couple of the older guides that were in the PM.

Assassin/Druid Guild from @kacka07

  1. Cast a mighty spell.
  2. A spellbook.
  3. Smile at the servants.
  4. Visit Gale, the cook’s daughter.
  5. Stalk rats.
  6. Lean over and kiss her.
  7. Ask kindly.
  8. Your music, diplomacy, and dance classes…
  9. „Their compaund is in Vernex.“
  10. Listen intently.
  11. „Thank you, Harmond.“
  12. „Oh, you know…“
  13. Visit training yards, speak to the old knight. „Can you teach me how to use a sword?“
  14. Visit the dungeons. „Hello.“ „Why are you in here.“ „How do you walk so silently?“
  15. Visit the temple. „Is divine magic different?“
  16. Visit the garden. „Are you picking flowers?“
  17. Try to strike the man with a bolt of fire.
  18. „What do you mean by that?“
  19. „Excuse me!“
  20. Run left and follow Lady Emaline.
  21. You are thankful.
  22. You learned how to fight with a sword.
  23. An assassin.
  24. „Any luck with that infinity arrow?“
  25. „Can you get out of work?“
  26. Walk out of town.
  27. „Ready to practice?“
  28. Practice magical duelling.
  29. Have only one drink. Order a meal.
  30. Ask the server her name.
  31. Continue flirting with the server.
  32. Suggest that Steffany come home with you.
  33. „What do you know about them?“
  34. „I won’t use them, unless I have no other choice.“
  35. Hug the old woman.
  36. You notice that he has a plan.
  37. Answer honestly.
  38. Introduce yourself.
  39. Try to convince the shepherds to be extra diligent.
  40. „Where are you from?“
  41. Try to steal from Master Jett. (I did it for the Stealth, the Evil doesn’t matter that much.)
  42. No, I will respect my parents‘ wishes.
  43. Tell the girl to use one of the spare blankets.
  44. You won’t succeed no matter what you try to do to the troll. Blades and Magic aren’t high enough yet, this is the only stat that I’ve failed in this run. :smiley:
  45. Conjure a fire.
  46. Sneak around the troll.
  47. Don’t ever try.
  48. Call to Theo.
  49. Climb down the pit.
  50. Search the pit.
  51. Open the door.
  52. Throw your dagger at the kobold.
  53. Cast a spell to create a magical glow.
  54. Kill it with a blast of fire.
  55. Continue forward.
  56. Drop by the local temple. Pray to the good gods and make a donation of 10.
  57. Become a partner.
  58. Work as a nature guide. Demonstrate your knowledge of magic.
  59. „Yes, I have some time.“ (If Theo/a isn’t your prefered gender or you want to romance them, you can go ahead and say that you wanted to talk to them too, but since I don’t have a prefered gender for my character and I don’t want to romance Theo, I’m just saying this.)
  60. Extend your hand.
  61. Hug her back.
  62. Interrup the question with a firm kiss.
  63. „Yes, I’ll take the contract.“
  64. Wait until nightfall. Place a powerfull poison in HIS mouth. (You’ll get Evil points if you kill them both.)
  65. „Thank you for the gift.“
  66. You spent your evenings trying to learn how Jace works his magic. (You can spent the evenings with someone else instead, I just wanted to have a better relationship with Jace, you will need to do this if you want to romance him (or Jess) later.)
  67. Chat with all of them and pick flowers for Gale (her reaction is so cute, also I’m romancing her in this playthrough, so that’s why) and Jace (to up the relationship), it’s not neccessary for Theo, but it doesn’t hurt anyone, so you can do it too.
  68. „Gale looks guilty as sin.“ (You have high enough relationship with her and it’s +10 for Jace.)
  69. Conjure a noxious cloud.
  70. Call upon the grass.
  71. Take one of their swords and search the dead guards.
  72. Explain to the others what the statue means.
  73. Try to pry the stone loose. Continue trying.
  74. Help Theo ransack the antechamber.
  75. „We need a place to stay the night… We can pay.“
  76. „So that’s why I need the demonstone.“
  77. Invite Gale to join you. (You can invite whomever you want - Jace won’t go with you, but it adds +10 to his relationship. If you want to romance Karla, don’t invite anyone.)
  78. „Karla is a good choice.“
  79. Take the gem as your share.
  80. Visit the stores and rebuy a dagger AND a thief harness from the Thieves Guild.
  81. Visit the temple and donate gold to the needy (10) ‘till you have Good at 69
  82. Visit Jowal. „How’s your sister?“
  83. Visit Suno. „Why aren’t you working?“ „Why don’t you go to the temple?“ „Maybe she’s forgiven you since?“ „Ok, I’ll cover the cost.“
  84. Flirt with him and sleep with him.
  85. „Can you teach me how to use some of the weaponry?“
  86. Talk to your companions. Ask about everything.
  87. Spar weapons with Thea.
  88. Let Lady Emaline train you some more.
  89. Accept a contract.
  90. Don’t kill her. Listen to him. Confront Grenyr. Speak soothing words to him. (You can get more money if you somehow frame Shelly, but I didn’t manage that, maybe if you sneak up on him, I’ll have to try in another playthrough.)
  91. Visit Jowal again. Come back at night and try to rob Jowal’s cart.
  92. Lie, „Yes, of course I do.“
  93. Use your thief harness. Try a simple light spell. Try to dispel the magical protection.
  94. Give up and return to your room. (You can rob the cart successfully, if you have high Devices, but you get some money out of it either way. And no Evil.)
  95. I bought all three of the books from Jowal, because I want to try and get the dragon in TLH2, but you don’t have to buy them, if you don’t want to.
  96. Leave Elmvale for Vernex
  97. „Don’t worry, Theo.“
  98. Examine the shrine.
  99. Take the gold. (It doesn’t do anything special, Gale likes it and you get some gold.)
  100. Study the corridors and see if any of them look different.
  101. „Hold on, I want to see…“
  102. Climb the staircase.
  103. Attack them with your sword.
  104. Cast a spell and throw ice bolts.
  105. Ask Gale to search the platform.
  106. „Karla do you think you could knock it off with an arrow?“
  107. „A short stop shouldn’t slow us down.“
  108. „Would you like to dance?“ Pull Gale into the middle of the square.
  109. „I have an unregistered Demonstone.“
  110. „But if I‘d arrived sooner?“
  111. Send whomever you want, I’m sending Gale first and Theo second, because I don’t care for him as much as I care for the others and I won’t mind killing him in TLH2, when he becomes the Red.
  112. „We have to keep up our cover.“ Sell the Demonstone.
  113. Go to the amphitheatre. Cast a bolt of fire at Zusak. (You can also get a room at the inn and poison the food, you have Nature high enough and you’re an Assassin, but I wanted to boost my Magic a little bit, so I went with this one.)
  114. Plunge your dagger into Thuja’s stomach.
  115. Instinctively push off the ground.
  116. Try to push your own magic through the cloak.
  117. Aim at Thuja. (This is a bad move, it didn’t do anything to Thuja, but I didn’t replay to find out what happens if you aim at the guards, because I managed to kill Thuja even with this mistake.)
  118. Cast a ball of force at the demon summoning guard.
  119. Cast a wide spread lightning.
  120. Slip behind Thuja.
  121. Plunge your dagger into his back.
  122. I’m travelling to Tornassa with Karla, but you can go wherever you want.

This is a theif/ranger guide from @Nathan_Faxon

  1. Command your army (+3 Charm.)
  2. Beautiful Bow (Archery +10. Agility +10.)
  3. Step around, you notice the gaps. (+10 Perception.)
  4. Pick Petra/Peter and your preferred gender interest. For me, I chose Petra.
  5. Read Stories (+10 Arcana.)
  6. Lean over and kiss her (+5 Petra.)
  7. Say kindly. (+3 Petra. +1 Good.
  8. Academic studies. (+10 Arcana. +10 History. +10 Geography. +10 Religion.
  9. Compound in Vernex. (+3 Geography.)
  10. Listen intently. (+1 Arcana.)
  11. Thank you, Harmond. (+1 Charm.)
  12. Showering the commoners in gold. (+2 Charm.)
  13. Sir Grady, ask how to use a bow. (+3 Archery. +5 Sir Grady.)
  14. Amos, how do you walk silently. (+3 Stealth. +5 Amos.)
  15. Sister Geri, Divine Magic. (+3 Magic. +3 Religion. +5 Sister Geri.)
  16. Lady Emaline, picking flowers. (+5 Nature. +5 Lady Emaline.)
  17. Dodge the blow. (+3 Agility.)
  18. I can help you! (+2 Charm.)
  19. Excuse me! (+2 Charm.)
  20. Go with Amos.
  21. Grateful to Amos. (+3 Amos. Free +3 Charm.)
  22. Thief skills. (+15 Devices. +15 Stealth. +5 Amos.)
  23. Become a Thief. (a whopping +25 Devices. +15 Stealth. +15 Agility.)
  24. Any luck with the Infinity Arrow? (+3 Karl.)
  25. Close up shop. Buy a lantern and a lockpick set. Donate 20 gold for a +2 Good.
  26. Walk out of town.
  27. Ready for practice? Practice Archery. (+5 Archery.)
  28. Head to the Tavern. Order a few drinks, a meal and more drinks! (+8 Karl.)
  29. flirt with the server and ask her to come to your room. (+10 Charm.)
  30. What do you know about them? (+3 Arcana.)
  31. I won’t use them. (+1 Good. +3 Amos.)
  32. Hug Amos :heart: (+15 Amos.)
  33. Struggle to see the board.
  34. Talk them into giving you the job. (+3 Charm.)
  35. Introduce yourself. (+3 Theo.)
  36. Convince the Shepherds. (+3 Charm.)
  37. Where you from Theo? (+3 Theo. +3 Geography.)
  38. Go to bed.
  39. do not use Demonstones.
  40. Spare sheep blanket. (+3 Good.)
  41. Choose the two arrow options. (+6 Archery. Troll dead. +5 Theo.)
  42. Open the box. (+3 Devices. +5 Theo.)
  43. These are the Gloves of Archery. (+3 Good. Gloves of Archery: +20 Archery.)
  44. Call to Theo. Climb down.
  45. Search the pit. Support with Arrows. (+3 Archery.)
  46. Use your Lantern.
  47. Sidestep! (+3 Agility. Necklace of Nature: +20 Nature.)
  48. Head to the temple first.
  49. Pray to the good gods. (+2 Religion. +2 Good.)
  50. Donate 10 gold for +3 Good.
  51. Become a partner.
  52. Become a nature guide and show the man your Archery skills for the Ranger class. (+10 Perception. +10 Geography. +20 Archery. +10 Stealth. +20 Nature.)
  53. If Theo is the gender your character isn’t attracted to, select ‘I wanted to talk to you too.’ for a +5 relationship.
  54. Extend your hand to Jess. (+3 Jess.)
  55. Hug Petra back. (+3 Petra.)
  56. Come on, Petra. (+5 Jess. -5 Petra.)
  57. Interrupt with a firm kiss. (+10 Petra.)
  58. Try to rob the merchant and accept his job for a bonus +3 Devices and magical dagger and keep it for yourself. It will prove useful in the second game.
  59. buy a dagger (useful for later.) and donate 20 gold for +2 Good.
  60. Thank you but I’d rather walk. (+2 Good. Free +5 Endurance.)
  61. Talk to your companions for extra relationship points and give flowers to your chosen romance. DO NOT enter anybody’s tents!
  62. Easy, Petra. You should thank Jess. (+10 Jess. -10 Petra.)
  63. Choose all the Archery options for +9 Archery. Duck the fire of the demon for +3 Agility. Jess is a badass so she’ll be fine. Search the area for a sword and 62 gold.
  64. Explain what the statue means. (+3 Arcana.)
  65. Pry the stone loose and ransack the antechamber.
  66. We need a place to stay. We can pay. (+5 Amos. +1 Good.)
  67. Invite nobody to bed yet.
  68. Karl is a good choice. (+3 Amos. +3 Karl.)
  69. Take the gem as your share. (+230 gold. Gem of perception: +20 Perception.)
  70. First of all, go to Amos for the Signet Ring (+3 all stats.) and more training (+5 Stealth. +5 Devices. +5 Charm. +3 Perception. +3 Agility.) then go see Suno/Suna and heal her, if you have 70 good it will work, then ask hir to train you. (+15 blades. +15 Archery. +10 Magic.) and Study History with Jess. (+10 History. +3 Jess.)
  71. Ask Jowal about his sister (+3 Charm.)
  72. You can choose to rob Jowal here for +3 Agility, +5 Stealth and an easy 60 gold. You won’t receive any evil morality so don’t worry. Choose to buy any books you wish here.
  73. Talk to each of your companions for their personal quests. You should have 60 charm here so you can romance Jess if you wish.
  74. Before leaving, buy yourself a healthy riding horse. They will be a good help for the diplomacy in the second game.
  75. Don’t worry, Theo. (+5 Karl. -5 Theo.)
  76. Examine the Shrine for +3 Religion.
  77. Look at the corridors +3 Perception and then leave.
  78. If you have a romance, choose to do a short stop. Ask them to dance and then pull them close to the square for +3 Charm, +3 Religion and +10 with your romance. If you don’t have a romance, just continue on your way.
    79)I have an unregistered demonstone to sell.
  79. Surely you can let me pass. (+3 Charm.)
  80. Choose the two people you want to send to the Dungeon- I mean -Zusak’s quarters. The leader will get +5 and the lackey will get -5
  81. Sell the demonstone for 250 gold.
  82. Go straight to the amphitheatre.
  83. Fire an arrow at Zusak. (+3 Archery. -25 Thuja health.)
  84. Fire an arrow at Thuja (+3 Archery. -25 Thuja health.)
  85. Dodge the blow. (+3 Agility.)
  86. Stab with your dagger. Doesn’t matter your blades level, this will stop you from losing health.
  87. Fire an arrow at the guard. NOT the demon. (+3 Archery.)
  88. Choose any, all will fail and you will lose +25 health.
  89. Shoot an arrow (+3 Archery. Thuja dead. Gained the Belt of Speed.)
  90. Choose the hiding place of your choice. I would advise the academy to unlock the power of the magic dagger.

Congratulations! You’re a Thief/Ranger! These should be your stats:
Specialized Training:
Thief Levels: 1
Ranger Levels: 1

Good: 71% Evil: 29%
Agility: 68%
Charm: 69%
Endurance: 28%
Perception: 69%
Strength: 23%
Willpower: 23%
Archery: 100%
Devices: 54%
Magic: 16%
Blades: 18%
Stealth: 56%
Unarmed: 3%
Arcana: 53%
Geography: 49%
History: 43%
Nature: 71%
Religion: 44%
Theo: 100%
Petra: 88%
Karl: 88%
Jess: 100%
Your mount, a healthy riding horse named Blackie.

a pouch on your belt containing 402 gold
a sword on your belt
a dagger in your sleeve
a bow strung over your back
A backpack containing:

  • a black runebag with 3 glowing stones and 1 unglowing stone in it
  • a lockpick set
  • an unusable dull magic dagger covered in jewels
  • a lantern
  • a water skin
  • flint and steel
  • a sleeping roll

You are wearing:

  • the Gloves of Archery on your hands (+20 Bonus to Archery)
  • the bone Necklace of Nature around your neck (+20 Bonus to Nature)
  • the Gem of Seeing in your pocket (+20 Bonus to Perception)
  • the Belt of Speed around your waist
  • your family signet ring, on a chain, around your neck (+3 to All)

I never made these guides.


This guide is for the lost heir 2 for @EmperorHeartless squire/ranger guide. This guide was made by @EmperorHeartless

Continuing off of the Squire/Ranger guide which is the second guide on the first post.

Note: I am playing this with the starting area being the Norgan Mountains, and not dating anyone, so Results may vary.

1)Create a Magical Dome +3 magic
2) Follow your religious convictions and became a priest Blades +5 Religion +20 History +10 Arcana +10 Magic +20 Gold +60 Gain holy symbol
3)Wait to hear what Theo says
4)Shout Encouragement to Theo +3 Charm
5) Let him live if you’re good, die if you’re playing an evil route. (Although at 70 good, if you have Theo kill him, you can always build back up the good. Plus I just don’t like Dorgan.)

Note: EVERY time you get a chance to visit the shops, do it and visit the temple. You can pray to your God or Goddess to gain a point in good or evil, and a point in religion.

6)When entering the bar, it doesn’t really matter. No stat changes I’m aware of.
7) Say what’s with all the demon summoning? Perception +2
8) Personally I agree with Bill. No stat change though.
9) Stop him for good. Say nothing for bad.
10) Convince him to cut the wood himself Charm +2
11)Go to Opal Cave
12)Ask to borrow money. (I’m not broke… Just cheap. No negative effects either and it saves you money!)
13)If you don’t have a bow, buy one now.
14)Rely on your Mounts skill (You need the poorly trained tourney horse.)
15) Attempt to fight both at once good +5, also you win the tournament, become a Knight, +3 blades, archery, strength, agility, endurance, and +300 gold
16)It depends on who is speaking. Karl(a) Either had no choice or breath of Auriel, Peter/Petra let them pray as long as they need, Theo “I’m sure you’ll get a chance to break some bones” Jace/Jess “I need their skills”
17) Learn who the guards are, and befriend them
18) Learn what you can about Bunta
19) Ask the man to send one of you +2 charm, and then give up on the idea (Only doing this for the charm boosts)
20) Wait for night and sneak in
21) Look at a loose brick +2 perception
22) Summon Flames +2 Magic
23) Swing your sword
24) Draw your dagger +2 blades
25)Take the Child
26) You can choose whatever gender.
27)Consider how other countries +2 Geography +2 bran/brinn rel
28)Visit the shops and pray to your God before visiting the Nobility
29) Spend a day preparing the child (I named him Jackson, so I’ll use that for reference sake in this guide) a room. +5 good
30) Speak to Lord Vale, agree with his assessment
31) Discuss spending, promise to increase Vale rel +20
32) Ask what you can do to get his vote, inspect the soldiers for an auto +3 strength and Vale rel +5 (Note: only works when you have a certain amount of blades skill)
33)Just put in 0, so you change your mind about watching the troops.
34) Try to find out which nobles won’t vote for you
35) Spend up to 5 days to find out who won’t (don’t worry with high perception this becomes 3 days instead) +2 perception
36) Hire Thugs -40 gold, +10 Evil and Citizen Fear
37) Travel to the Academy (With your Well trianed tourney horse it should only take 2 days to get there.)
38) Ask what you can do to get his vote
39) DECLINE to sign the document (Silly Cumari.)
40)Is there anything else I can do?
41) Just tell me what it is
42) Call upon Auriel (Or whatever God or Goddess) to dispel the enchantment. +5 Religion +20 Cumari Relationship
43) Return to Bright Water
44) Speak to Tovor

(Note: Do NOT discuss war spending with him.)

  1. Ask if he can teach you any magic. +1 Nature, +2 Tovor rel
    46)Ask what you can do to get his vote, study the books for five days. Also an auto arcana and Tovor boost from having a decent amount of arcana (His relationship should be 72 now)
    (You should have only 1 day left and enough relationship (70) with each of the three to gain their vote.)

  2. Spend the last day speaking to the lords and ladies of the East.
    48)Selinda murdered your rightful King and Queen! +2 Perception
    Note: If done right, you should have a +2 boost to Cumari, Tovor, and General Vale. Also a +3 charm AND the fourth faction of voters which is all the other Lords and Ladies.
    Note:If you did everything right so far, CONGRATULATIONS! You won the vote with a UNANIMOUS decision! Hooray! All it took was beating up some Nobles and dispelling a necromatic curse and junk like that!

  3. Speak to Bran/Brinn, Let them go. Citizen Rep +5

  4. Speak to Vale, We shall take the fight to them. If you got his vote you get automatic boosts.

  5. Give a Speech. With our current charm, Citizen Reputation +15.
    52)Tell them you plan to serve them faithfully +3 charm +10 Citizen Reputation
    53)Speak to Lord Tovor, Increase taxes. Citizen Reputation -20, Army food +10, +5 Army Size, Morale, and Power

  6. Speak to Cumari, You refer to the Demi-Human?, Their aid would be most beneficial

  7. Go ahead and take all that other gear you don’t have. Yay free goodies. Then continue Onwards
    56)Ask Vale and Bran/Brinn about any spy rings, Pick Brightwater as your biggest concern. +2 Bran/Brinn relationship

Note: Since At this point I already have a high relationship with all other NPCs, I ALWAYS take Bran/Brinn with me to up hir relationship. This is especially helpful if you are NOT romancing them, since you will lack the relationship boosts from the romance.

  1. I am here to speak to your king, Next choice doesn’t matter, Perhaps there is something I can do to help?
    58)Boldy walk to the giant, Try to convince the giant to leave +2 charm
  2. Say Kratog this is the Dwarves Mountain, Perhaps if you take the sheep with you, Let the giant gather the sheep
    60)Say the giant is gone, it was worth it. +2 charm and no negative effects with the dwarves
  3. Work in the Mines. +2 strength and Endurance, Increased Dwarf Help - Army Power +7 Army Size +10
    62)Make Jackson a Royal Page, Give Samuel a small gift, Good +3 Charm +2
    63)Go to the Halfings

Note: Theoretically when it comes to visiting the different races it doesn’t matter what orer you do EXCEPT you must ALWAYS visit the Halfings before you visit the ELVES so you can gain a relationship bonus.

  1. Seek an Alliance, As a follower of (insert God name here) I will try to help you.

Auto +2 history and Arcana if you have enough (I think Arcana. Either that or Religion)

65)Ask who home this is, inspect the house Nature +2 and Perception +2
66) Call upon your God +2 Religion and Magic
67) Enter the Home, I know you aren’t a ghost.
68) Strike the source of the voice with your sword +2 Agility

Note: This is where I tend to have a lot of variation. You could listen to lomi, or you could kill it. Normally… I just kill Lomi. I get much more bonuses at the cost of +15 evil. I can always just gain that good back up by being nice to other people. Heartless I know but ahem Neo Heartless

69:Kill the creature. +15 Evil, +225 Gold, Gain Teardrop Necklace
Army size and power +7 from solving the haunting for the Halfings.
70:You wish to know Alexander Zusak’s plans +10 Geography
71)Go ahead and handle the situation when it comes to marrying your own way. My only advice is if you’re dating someone, stand firm with them. Also make sure they get positive reactions. At the minimum your advisor’s relationships and the morale and citizen rep should go up by +2.
Saying you will date Bran/Brinn or you will think about it gives +5 to your advisors relationships and Army Morale, and +10 citizen reputation.
72)Go to the Elves
73)Examine the moss +3 nature
74) Step aside and slash at the worm +2 blades -50 worm health
Most companions will finish off the Worm. I believe Karl(a) is the only one who doesn’t.
If the worm dies, +267 coins
75) I am Prince(cess), follower of Godname, and I come to seek an alliance. (This option may only be available if you’re a follower of a real “Good” God), I wish to seek an alliance.
76)Ask is there anything I can help with?, What happened next?
77) I have found Auriel’s Grief +3 Good
78)SPend your time listening to the Elders +3 Charm, +5 History and Geography

Note: This next part is only for Knights. Also you can choose whichever Squire you want. Personally I just prefer either Remus or Raquel. I don’t know what variation the other two provide. I just don’t like Marla’s personality or Gordon haha.

  1. Choose Raquel, buy new gear (do this for any of your squires), train your squire -200 Gold. (Your Squire will do well in the war now.)
    80)Go to the Gnomes, Turn around and speak to the man, Examine the Security +2 Perception
    81)Tornassa is so large… +2 Geography.

Note: The History option for this requires 65 History. I believe its the second highest, if not the highest History check in the game. At least from what I encountered.
Note: Do NOT choose the first option. If you do you won’t be able to get their full support. One of the other options, even if you have to beg, is better. This way they give you the quest with the Repus family.

  1. Take a look at the building site
  2. Set the scaffolding on fire with a spell +2 magic

Note: Whenever you reach the point where you only have one Demi-Human group left, the after effects of your tax policy shows. With increased Taxes its +5 Army power and Food +10 Army Morale and Size and -20 Citizen Reputation

  1. Go to the Half-Orcs.

If you pass a History check, then you get +2 history and the option to put your hands to your side and refuse to let them bind you.

  1. Refuse to let them bind you, I seek an alliance, As long as your people follow my laws…

  2. Ask the prisoners their side, Talk Gurstwin into letting the prisoners go free. +3 Charm and Citizen Reputation

  3. Boys will be boys (or girls if you’re playing female) Jackson rep +5
    Note: This next part often changes. Personally, I got the Karl(a) variation.

  4. Have Karl(a) help out. +10 Theo(a) relationship. No negative effects for Karl(a)
    89)Give Naistalan the necklace

Personally… I suggest he gives you money. You can graciously ask for nothing for +10 good IIRC. The first option is just learning about past events.

  1. Suggest he gives you a reward +120 gold

If you complete Theo(a)'s quest, you get an additional +7 Army Power and Size as s(he) brings back some Norgan Warriors.

  1. Suggest to Cumari that WIzards should join the army too. (If you signed that document you won’t get anything. So that document in any playthrough is a last ditch thing.) Army Size +7 army power +12
  2. Give pep Talks. As a Knight you gain +10 Morale, Size, and Citizen Reputation
  3. Lover stuff. Go about that as you wish.
  4. Order your soldiers to get buckets and put out the flames. (Our food! Damn you! Also, this is where keeping spies in Brightwater pays off. I checked the other options except for sendin them to the Consortium, and I liked this one the most.)
    95)Cast a spell of suffocation +3 magic
  5. Take Jackson with you
    97)Begin the March. The people should love you, and if you follow a Good God(dess), then hir should shine light on you. Morale +7
  6. Teach your soldiers how to take the maximum amount of deadwood. +3 Nature, +5 Morale
  7. Ask both the Dwarf and Orc what happened and try to explain the cultural differences to them. +2 Charm, +5 Army Morale
  8. Consider how much a halfing should eat +2 History
  9. Inspect the Gnome Camp, and Tell the Gnomes to show the rest of the army what they have been doing. +3 Magic and +5 Army Morale.
  10. Tell the General to NOT take any food without paying for it. Tovor relationship +5
    (This is where keeping spies in Brightwater pays off as well. If you send them elsewhere you lose more food and will have to take food or risk your troops starving and General Vale being angered)
    103)Speak to the Weapon Masters, Pay the 300 gold to hire them. Army power +10, Army Size +3

Note: If you lack enough religion you can not understand what the beggar is doing and lack several options to interact with him. Most notably the Necromancy path if you’re going for that (Which personally I’m not in this guide.)

  1. Tell your soldiers to give the man a place to rest. Citizen Rep +3
  2. Summon your soldiers and have the man arrested. +10 Good, Cumari relationship and Religion +5
  3. Study the Maps for a Closer crossing. +3 Geography (IIRC this should be the highest geography check in the entire series so far.)
    107)Ask the refugees what happened, ask about Sherman, Tell him to keep his food. Citizen reputation +20, good +10

Note: You can get some extra troops but you will lose food. 10 size for -10 food. Personally I recruit them.

108)Recruit anyone who will join.
If you’re dating Bran/Brinn which I am in this guide, then y’know. Lover stuff.
109) Lover stuff
110) Have the Army go on without you to meet the Arcane Tattooist, Cast a Divine spell to locate your friends lifeforce. +1 Army delays, +3 Magic

Note: At this point all your combat skills except unarmed are 90+ After this you can basically do any stat check when it comes to combat.
111)Unfortunately with our current Arcana we can not become a magical tattooist. Not in this variation of the guide. et a tattoo for yourself that will promote insight. It’s the blue one. +7 Perception.
Note: Alright time for battle!

  1. Send a Raid, Charge to the front, Do whatever. Personally I did Cast a wall of force for +3 magic. -10 Ludd army
  2. Allow your Halfing outriders to punch a hole. +3 Morale, -10 Ludd Army.
  3. Attack only the enemy soldiers +5 Good and Future Citizen Reputation, and morale. -5 Army Size and power. -10 Ludd army size
    115)Offer flags of Parley, offer the same terms in reverse.
  4. The rest of the options are dialogue options. What you need to do is “You need to surrender Ludd to me.”
    117)Even if you are right I can take Ludd before Selina can stop me. +3 Charm.

Note: You can agree to Duke Eddan’s terms and allow him to leave alive and get Ludd without the final battle. Personall I do this to prevent lowering my army numbers anymore. (although at this point we should still be at 100% ChoiceScript allows us to go over 100% but doesn’t show it.)

You can fight for Ludd though. Honestly this is up to you. If you fight, you should be able to win easily, but for the sake of the guide we’ll let that pansy Duke Eddan survive.

Automatic +3 Army Morale with your Squire doing well in battle (if they have new equipment and are properly trained.)
Also the cheers of your army, knowing they don’t have to kill their friends and family in Ludd.

118)Deal wit the surviving army, Banish them. +5 Vale relationship +7 Citizen Reputation
119)Discuss Strategy with Lord Vale. This option normally brings about the Warmaster class, unfortunately you need 2 Guards level at this point which we sorely lack. (Last time I played Warmaster I felt like it was underpowered. Hopefully it will get a boost in TLH 3)
120) Decide what your army should do. No stealing or raping, but give them the night off. +5 Good and Citizen Reputation. +10 Army Morale
121) Gather the food found in Ludd, +10 food
122) Consider recruiting people from Ludd. At this point our army stats are still over 100 in all fields except food. Still I recruit anyone who is fit for +10 Army Size and Power.
123) Consult Lord Tovor, Personally I do foraging the surrounding area. I remember at a previous update there was a nature check I think, but it doesn’t matter as even if there is we still pass it. (although I don’t think there is one anymore or I just imagined it)

Note: At this point, you gain the option to get the Dragon. @AyazM and everyone else who wants that Dragon. If you follow everything to this point, specifically the options to boost geography, Arcana, and History you can the dragon. (Heck I think you can do it with just the +10 Arcana boost from being a Priest(ess).)

  1. Go ahead and choose whatever profession you want. You should be able to pass any stat checks for the Prestige classes available. Personally, I went with Finding the Dragon, Accept the Connection, And get rid of my poor tourney horse. (Least I get… what!? Only 50 Gold?? THIS IS A TOURNEY HORSE THAT WON THE KNIGHT TOURNAMENT! Damn you cheap merchants… Off with your heads!) +50 Gold, +15 Strength, Agility, and Endurance. +150 Gold (So a total of 200 gold.) Name your Dragon what you want. Also when you return to Ludd, +10 Army Morale, and CItizen Fear
  2. Pay 250 Gold for the Horses, use them to build up your cavalry. -250 Gold, +15 Army Power
    126)Lover Stuff. If someone is pregnant… Citizen Reputation +5 an Army Morale +5
    127)Oh, hey Elmvale.
  3. Elmvale stuff. If Karl(a) went Red you can confess to the parents. Or if Karl(a) is alive or you’re dating hir go meet them. Be polite for a relationship boost.
  4. Visit Sir Grady’s Farm. Or what was his farm. *achievement unlocked
  5. Shake the mans hand.
  6. Buy the Sheep. -200 Gold +15 food
    132)Tell your Soldiers to stand down, Tell Kratog I’ll get you food but I need you to fight for me. -10 Food +10 Power, A freaking Giant in your army.
  7. Companion stuff. You should be able to handle this easily. Personally, I got the Karl(a) one and choose to Speak to the Cooks for +2 charm and +3 Karl(a) relationship
  8. Yada yada, talky talky with the different leaders. Just listen to them and then tell everyone what you will be doing.

Note: See now this choice I always have a hard time with. I’m unsure if this will have repercussions in TLH 3. I imagine it will.

  1. Go under the walls by diggin a great tunnel
    136)Build siege towers, Build defenses, (Causes delays but helps in inflicting more damage to the Tornassa army, and prevents some extra soldiers deaths. Normally this would be bad but with the current stats you can afford it.)
  2. Join the raider, Join those on foot. If you’re a Dragon-Rider you automatically deal damage without doing a choice. If you’re not, then you will go to the walls, Just use magic to scale up the walls and use any attack except for martial arts.
    138)If you chose to build both the towers and defenses then you won’t have enough food to prevent desertion. If you buy food you lose 300 gold. Luckily you only get -4 army power and size. Which should still show 100% for you on the stat screen (because we went over 100 a long time ago…)
  3. Be the first one through the tunnel, Cast a spell +2 magic.
  4. Seriously just do any combat or charm option and you’ll make it. +2 to whatever skill you used -5 Army size, -3 to Tornassa army.

At this point Tornassa army is at 47 and my army size is still over 100, alongside morale and power.

Jeez, this is a pretty one sided battle…

  1. Continue catiously. +2 perception, -5 army size and power
  2. NEVER I will never surrender Selina!

Oh wow. Never actualyl read the Tornassa casualties at this point before, but with all the Demi-Humans, Theo(a)'s warriors, and the academy wizards… -40 Tornassa Army which brings their count to… 7. In return we get -15 army size, putting us at 91% army surpluss size.

Now THIS is a one sided fight.

143)Fighting with Red __, personally I immediately attack.
144) I tried prayer but that failed. -20 health. Use one of the other options.
145) Use the distraction to attack Selina.
146) Cast a spell to shoot a spike at Selina. +2 Magic, also SCREW YOU SELINA
147) Use the distraction to spray fire. -35 Red
148)Honoruably Fight +10 good and Citizen Rep
Personally I am fighting Jace/Jess so my fighting options will be with hir.
149) Study Jess and attempt to dodge. +2 Arcana and Perception.

Ok, at this point assuming you have close to killing Red ____ you can choose to kill hir, or let hir live, in which case hir will poison you and you will lose the Siege of Tornassa.

  1. Screw losing, I’m a sore loser! Shoot her with an arrow.

If Red ___ doesn’t die at this point hir will poison you. (Normally hir would, but I messed up earlier when I tried to heal her affliction. with Priest 2 that would have done -35 health.) If you choose to lose then you will obtain an alternate beginning confirmed by Lucid.

TLH 3 will start with two distinct ending. One where you won and reunited the Kingdom, the other where you lost and have been a prisoner for who knows how long.

  1. If you didn’t kill Red yet, and hir poisons you. Try to Endure it. +2 Endurance.
  2. Raise your blade. Die Red ___

You have won! Hooray!


Whoa those guides are very helpful! Thanks for putting this info out there, I did have one question though. Does anyone know the triggers for the vampire slayer achievement in the first lost heir?

I have been trying to get this after finishing LH3, since I figure that is paramount for becoming a vampire lord. No matter what I have done, the wilderness end of LH gives me nothing. :cry:

In LH1 have your childhood friend be Peter/Petra and have a high relation with them. In one scene, you can talk to them and tell them that you will help kill the vamp. Choose that they stay with you at the consortium and keep them alive. Choose to go to the wilderness at the end and go there in LH2. That should trigger it. @Dark_Lord_Vul

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Awesome! Thanks for the help. :grin:

I forgot about this guide. Reminds me of how much I dislike Duke Eddan.


@Envy reposted an old guide of mine for the Dragon-Rider, going off my Squire Ranger guide.

Thanks @Envy, I completely forgot about that one.


Quick question, if I try to resurrect Karla with necromancy in the third game, do I need to max necromancy to finish that or can I go and become a full vampire with one level in necromancy and still fully resurrect her as whatever she’ll turn into?

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