Terminal: A Tale about an End

“There is a strong need for free material on the site as it keeps the customers interested. I am working on two short stories concurrently with ‘Blackraven’ which will be released at the same time and completely free. This is partly due to marketing (I’ll include links to ‘Blackraven’ with the short stories) and partly to give something free to the community. In a similar vein, I’d love to see some short stories from @JimD, @Vendetta, @ScarletGeisha and @Reaperoa. Who’s with me on that?” - @andymwhy

This quote made me think. A lot.
~ Terminal is the product of that thinking.

I could say so much more, but I won’t. I’ll keep it simple, much like the game.
I’ve spent nearly six months working on something else, and it’s not ready to show.
I’ve spent maybe three nights on this and I feel it’s already ready for your comments, be they good or bad.

Take Note:
Due to HTML5 and CSS3 use, please try and use only IE9, Chrome or Firefox. I won’t support “bugs” found in other browsers. If you’re using FireFox you MUST enter the game’s setup and select ‘declare FireFox’ or the audio will not work due to FireFox’s lack of MP3 support (or other browser’s lack of .ogg, take your pick!).

Much like @Nocturnal_Stillness 's Unnatural: I’ll be writing ~ Terminal in ‘episodes’ or ‘ACTS’ and will try to release them biweekly or monthly, depending on the level of interest and real-life issues, so be sure to save your game (via password) if you wish to continue from where the previous one left off.
Due to the use of copyrighted music, I don’t plan to ever charge for ~ Terminal (nor port it to mobile apps).

Are very welcome, however. I’m assuming there’s a possibility many of you will not like the ‘style’ of the game, if you’ve yet to play, I’m sure you’ll quickly see what I mean. I have no plans or wish to change this, so please don’t ask me to. All other feedback is most welcome (and much appreciated)!

Sound & Text Fading
The sound and fading text are done through some simple Javascript functions and the HTML5 audio element.
You’re free to copy and use the code found in the script.js file, but please don’t expect me to ‘install’ it for you.
Credit is appreciated, but not strictly necessary; I won’t sue you over it.

The Links
The Game: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7840892/CJW/choicescript/games/terminal/mygame/index.html
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/CareyWilliamz

About the twitter: I don’t currently use the twitter much (no followers, or tweets for that matter).
Next year, when my other game gets further along I plan to change that, so I thought I could start with ~ Terminal: Follow me, don’t follow me, I don’t really mind. But I’m happy to answer questions and give progress updates on both there and here. I’ll also try to answer any choicescript related questions, if you’re stuck on coding.

And with that, I sincerely hope you enjoy ~ Terminal: A Tale of an End
And if you don’t? Please let me know why! Thank you!
Have fun!

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I LOVE THIS! How did you do this please pm me about it if you don’t want to talk about it in the thread, I really like the style and the music is beautiful.

omg i love the music and this a sickass game u rule

It seems great so far.

I like your writing style.

This seems quite interesting! But I was wondering, does the character have a specified gender? I was wondering that while playing, but other than that, I thought this was pretty cool :slight_smile:

@CJW so the character is male? Oh, okay, just making sure. Like what Fujin said, I always find it awkward when I name the character a female name and it’s actually a guy :stuck_out_tongue:
But I really like the idea of perspective swapping. It would definitely help with understanding the story better and it just seems all in all a cool idea :slight_smile: Can’t wait for Act II!

I love this game already :smiley:
I was also wondering about the characters gender its always awkward when I give the character a female name just to find out there a guy later lol

Also nice choice of music xD

You wrote the wrong form of no at one point, it says “You KNOW longer travel”

love it so far but are there gonna be stats

and want you too keep on making awsome games like this

when asking if she lives alone it says do you alive alone

this is gonna become one of the best games i think this is amazing

Dang. Where are these songs from? I’m sure I heard the second one before. What JRPG is this?

Im pretty sure its from final fantasy 13

The beginning reminds me of Dragon Quest 3, and was there a Final Fantasy 7 reference in there or was it just me? :smiley:

I’m pretty sure I saw it too. Flower girl, amnesiac guy, futuristic city, JRPG music. I assumed the music was from FF7 but I guess FF music sounds pretty similar.

Congrats on taking apart the stock UI on the choice table, this looks fresh and clean. (sounds like a catchphrase off a sanitary product ads, I know!) The fade effect is a nice touch and I’m heading to take a look at the js file, but couldn’t locate it :-?

The thing about the audio… while the mp3 is getting obviously “too” proprietary, now I’m not sure about Ff’s native support over ogg as well. I had a case with my build where the index.html won’t load an ogg hotlinked to my webhost from external location, but loads fine when the file is placed on the same server. Still not sure what’s happening there. Heh.

Anyways. The one-liners narrative combined with the stats nowhere to be found are somehow a pleasant experience. Keep it up!

It’s a quite unusual to be sure. Very pretty interface. Not enough game there yet to get a feel for whether I will really like it or not though