Animated Title Screens for CS?

Would it be technically possible to add a (whats the best word to describe this…) title theme (?) to a CS game (either before the “play, load, etc.” or after hitting play) before the game starts? Most app publishers do this (Gamevil, Chair, etc., adding an animated logo screen before getting to the title screen) I was curious if this is possible to implement with the way that COG and HG apps are currently being packaged.

CJW created an animated opening. No idea how he did it, though.


That’s simply a timed fade, not particularly difficult to do, I was referring more to the effect of what Fate Stay Night (and other Visual novels) has as a Title Opening (video type).

@Malebranche So basically a moving logo? Or a short video?

You can use a gif in CS using the *image command. I did something like that, purely as a test.

It’s taken down by dropbox :expressionless: ahh why u do this dropbox !

You might want to check out your Dropbox file @fantom DB plastered a DMCA on it.
EDIT: nvm, it changed to a 404, assuming you’ve currently edited it.

And yes, @Eternalfire that would be correct, an animated logo (for examples sake) more specifically a video (MP4 format, though technically you could split audio and gif and have them load up separate of each other, but that might create sync issues).

Ok, fixed my link. That was annoying, the links for my regular demo still works just fine.

Random question: to your knowledge, does a gif endlessly repeat or is there a way to stop it at a certain point?

I think it depends on if person making the gif enables the option to loop endlessly or just once.

Same answer as always, strictly speaking yes… But will they agree to publish it? Only they can answer that, and they probably only will when someone actually tries it and finishes a game with it in.

No, that’s just a random index.html file, it’s not related to CS at all. I took the demo down.

If you find timed fades simple, then animated logos should be too.
The same methods and principles apply, you’re just animating more stuff (in different ways).

They always endlessly repeat, but there are ways to circumvent this - such as constantly resetting the element’s source attribute - but it’s not exactly clean.

Photoshop has an option to export a ‘single loop’ .gif.

Ah, okay, my bad! Ignore what I said earlier.