Does COG support sound effects/music or graphics/video of any kind?

Or is it strictly text with no options for bells and whistles? The reason I ask is because I have an idea for a game that I’ve been writing the branches for in Scrivener while I shop around looking for an engine I can learn to turn it into a game – and while it’s a text based decision game, I’d like to include a light soundtrack as well as some still images and sound effects to add to the immersion.

You can include images in choicescript.

I’d suggest against using video though.

You can include sounds. . I’m not sure about the specifics of the implementation though, on how to trigger them and how functional it is.

I’d say there’s probably better tools out there. I know renpy can do those things a lot easier. I’ve seen twine modded to do it too.

I’ve checked out renpy. It’s a bit much for what I’m after though. I’m not
really looking for various character interaction and changing scenery and
such – the game I’m planning would be scalable for play on smartwatches as
well. It’s a shame though because it really is easy to add images and
music. Maybe I’ll look back into it.Surely the interface can be simplified.
I just wonder how difficult it would be to use for branching storylines…

You can add images to choicescript.

You can add sound too. (Although there’s better people to explain the side).

I’m sure there’s ways to mod the code to do exactly what you want too with the triggered sound-effects. But, that wouldn’t be supported by choice of games.

I’d say look into twine? It does a few things choicescript doesn’t, like let you rewind your choices. It can display graphics, as well as play triggered sounds, and a soundtrack. I’ve absolutely no idea how it does any of this though.

Thanks very much for your input! It gave me quite a few leads to track
down. :slight_smile:

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Both of my HGs, Captive of Fortune and Trial of the Demon Hunter, have soundtracks and several images.

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Awesome, Samuel. :slight_smile: I’m going to check them out this evening and see what
you’re doing…

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