CS bug?

Testing my online build just now,
I found that if I click on the stats button when the gif animation is playing (which is the next scene being loaded up), the first page of the scene will come out stitched together with my stats screen. I also got two Next button at the bottom (wow) as if CS actually merged the scene txt with the stats txt. After I press one of the Next buttons (picked the top one if I remember), next display is the second page of the scene - which is normal - but the stats button is no longer there. Anyone else had this?

Just pulled it again, the problem persists. Clearly it wasn’t my build being faulty?

If you attempt to load another scene while the previous one is loading it will behave like that, yes.
There’s not an awful lot you can do about it besides not pressing the stats button whilst it’s loading. :confused:

Uh huh. I presume CoG team knew about it already? Maybe somehow hide the button while in loading state or something to accommodate naughty users like me
(can’t ask for your favor, you contributed a lot of scripts already! :D)

Haha, believe it or it’s got on my nerves too, straight to the point where I have tried to fix it, no luck yet though …