Creating another showstats button - help!

Since as far as I’ve seen the wiki page is outdated, and I keep getting errors, I’ll post here.
Hello! As many of you know, I am producing a game known as “Wayward Skies+”, and am wondering if anyone could help/show me how to create another stats button, but instead of showing choicescript_stats, it will jump to a scene called choicescript_input
The button is specifically going to send you to choicescript_input.txt, which is where the other testers and I (or whoever just generally feels like cheating while the game is being made) can input codes that allow us to jump to specific scenes and that sort of thing.


That’s not possible at the moment, for as far as I’m aware of. You could just use a save system or shortcut in your startup.txt though.

Much easier option: Just put it in stats, and put in an *if to make it appear/disappear. (I usually keep it behind an #option in the stats screen.)


Ahah figured it out either way…
Got a friend who knew css and javascript and some other crap to fix it.