A bug: my game can't load empty scenes


A few weeks ago I downloaded another copy of CS to work on a new game. I found out about the bug yesterday because I didn’t have any need for empty scenes before then.

When I run the game, I get an error when an empty scene needs to be loaded. (Error: Couldn’t load scenes/choicescript_stats.txt). If I put any text into a scene file, it loads without any problems.

I apologize if this is a known bug and I am creating a pointless thread, but I have never had this problem before and I don’t remember anything about it on the forum.


Sorry simple question. Why would you want an empty scene? Just out of curiosity.


Double post


Well mine works without problems , so maybe you lost some file when unzip? Sorry im not a expert.
@Lordirish I load empty scenes when a Todo choice leads to a totally different scene i put todo in choice and create the empty scene. I don’t change to another scene until finish what im actually on. To test i use empty scene.


@MaraJade thanks, it never occurred to me to write this way.


@MaraJade When did you download CS last time?


That sounds like intentional behavior to me. There is absolutely no good for reason for loading an empty scene. You can have empty scenes, but you should never need to load them, sorry but that just sounds silly.

If it’s because you don’t want a stats screen I’m sure you can request the button be removed before publication.



  1. That stat screen error comes from me quickly deleting everything in my choicescript_stats to quickly test if my suspicion that loading empty scene files is causing the bug. I have no intention to remove the stat screen.

  2. This is how I write my games: When I download CS, I delete all the files except choicescript_stats and startup and I add another file and name it something in the style of “scene_1”, “chapter_1” etc.

I use my startup only for declaring variables and first thing I do after that is setting up my stats screen. Between startup and chapter_1 there is no *finish, so when I run the game, it goes through startup and immediately loads chapter_1 where the game actually starts.

Since I am working on the stat screen before starting the work on actual game and story in chapter_1, each time I run the game to test the stat screen, the empty chapter_1 file is loaded. I hope that explains things.

I have never had any troubles with that empty chapter_1 being loaded and suddenly it starts giving me errors on not being able to load empty scenes. That’s why I believe it’s a bug. Because intentional behavior so far has been normally loading empty scenes without errors.


While for testing, I can understand why you would use the empty scene, in your finished game there would never be a reason to call up a empty scene. As such, why not just have one line of text in your empty scene for now that you can delete later. Or, if you really wish, just a ‘.’

For people to spend time looking for and fixing an error that would never cause a problem to a finished game, which also has a simple workaround, seems silly to me.


Well, i only use empty scenes when i dont write the new scenes yet. In a mobile its easier do totally a scene than jump from one to another same time.
I download my last CS in november. And @DSeg lol you do really complicated things to testing i left all my scenes like there are only whrn a choice leads to a new scene while i don’t finish the one i am actually working on. Why you don’t write to do in the scene for testing.