Gif support

If I was to put a gif as a prospective splash screen or loading screen for Don’t Wake Me Up - does anyone know if this is supported in CS or in the innate application around it?


Totally supported I have games with lots of gifs

image command as easy as that


I think I was wondering if it can specifically be used for the loading/starting screen before the game itself initialises.

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One of my game covers is a gif is first people see as it is the cover further tan that I am not a coder so for me I don’t care if launches before or whatever only what readers see. You will need ask a coder

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Thanks Mara, I think I’ll give submitting it a shot. Perhaps I’m worried about causing sensory effects for players as well because the gif has a glitch visual effect, but I’m not sure.

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You always can made two versions one with and other without it should be easy