Splash screen art style question

So I’m at last making my resized artwork for Don’t Wake Me Up to release.
Things are going mostly grand. I’m just wondering whether it’s a hard and fast rule that you absolutely cannot use the game’s text/logo on the splash screen. If I were to do that right now with the assets I have, it would be the Len high res drawing and a bunch of empty space. I.e. something like the below but without ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ written on it.

I’d really somewhat prefer to keep the text in, but if not, I’ll try to figure out a way to fill that empty space.

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Just a thought but that is that image is going to be too pixilated for people playing on computers at full size as a splash screen?

Edit-misread the question. Pretty certain you can’t have text on the splash screen as a general rule. If you want an exception you’ll probably need to ask COG directly.