Jpg cover art...pixel size?


I’m completing my cover art and do not know what size limit it should be. And should I use the *image cover_art.jpg tag on the start up page? I’ve looked everywhere for answers to these questions.


It needs to be .png rather than .jpg. Not sure if there is a recommendation for anything within the game (if it’s too big it will get resized down, but you don’t want mammoth file sizes for the complete game.) For official pictures (splash screens, icons and the like) look up the recommendations on the cog site, there’s a list.


Thank you for replying. That helped. :grinning:


Never use .jpg, they’re bad. The file will degrade every time you save it. It throws away pixels.


It gets submitted separately, so you don’t use the *image command. You should check the latest requirements, but I wrote them out in a new format and it looked something like this:

The complete list:

  • 1024x1024, resizable to 48x48, no title

  • 480x320, with title

  • 1024x500, with title

  • 1400x560, with title

  • 480x800, no title

  • 640x960, no title

  • 640x1136, no title

  • 2048x2732, no title

  • 2732x2048, no title
    [Edited - JSH]


For Steam:
184x69, with title
231x87, with title
460x215, with title
467x181, with title
616x353, with title


I’m currently in the process of rewriting our submission page to expand on this. This is a rough draft, but is still the latest information:

(Of course, if you have ‘internal cover art’, that’s different from the ‘cover art’, or ‘promotional artwork’ that we require, and so long as it’s otherwise acceptable by Hosted Games’ standards, we generally don’t get involved in it.)


Thank you so much! Extremely helpful. I could not find this list!


Very, very, very helpful! Thank you so much!:heart_eyes:


My goodness, I didn’t know I had to submit so many sizes and thing about things like corners! Thanks so much, this was extremely helpful. Off I go to resize!