Pictures within the games. What size do you make them?

Just like it says in the title, I’m wondering if anyone knows what size should pictures (Like maps, headings and other art) be within a game book (not including the title screens and icons). I’m assuming things don’t get resized depending on if you’re using a large screen like a computer cf a smaller one like a phone? Do you size for the phone? That seems like it’d be safest. (And computer users just have to deal with the small pictures).

Well, default-ly, all pics will be resized regardless of the device’s screen size.
Specifically, the pics use % size based on the device’s screen (some CSS code), so you shouldn’t be worried for the image size.

But I think you’d like to upload a considerably high resolution for your images to maintain the quality across all screen sizes.

Cools :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure if that would happen or not. Thanks!

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