Is there a limit for using images?


I’m currently using a lot of images in my project, but is there an actual limit for images? I know doing so will result in making my game’s size sort of big compared to other games, but it will serve the narrative and the gameplay itself.

I think @RETowers would be able to clarify that.

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:shrug: we’ve never really pushed the subject.

Remember, though: the primary device for consumption is a mobile phone. On a mobile phone, images usefully top out around 480x800 and 640x1136, and even that is basically going to be tricky to see all at once. So ask yourself if the images work at that sort of size.


I really need to put that in mind. Everything is fine so far as I’ve been testing on both platforms, but this might pose some difficulties in the future. I appreciate pointing that out!

As Jason said, be aware of screen sizes, that would be the most prominent factor. If your game is only playable on computers, we’d have to sit down and consider what to do about that, but whatever the answer is, it’s not going to be a good solution.

Additionally to that, I’d recommend doing your best to alt text every game to keep it as accessible to visually impaired users as possible. When you write an image into a game, use: *image file.ext Text describing the image for visually impaired users. (e.g. for our chapter headings, we use *image chapter1.png Chapter One.

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Huh… I never realized this was the case. :thinking: Is that mostly by app store? Or more like people reading the webstore version, but using their phones? What are the statistics like?

(Is phone optimization mostly a matter of not having images be too big and not putting too huge a bulk of text in the #choices, or is there more to it than that? :thinking:)

I don’t have usage statistics, I have sales statistics. We do 65-75% of our business on iOS and Android.

But yes, a number of our things in the style guide are because of phones: limiting #option text and limiting button-text being the most clear examples.