Size for in-text pictures

After the search didn’t provide the needed answer:

What’s the best size for an in-text picture in the game?
I’m not talking about chapter covers etc, got those measurements. I mean like this:

| image |

asking because I have some bits in my game that don’t provide a clear output when using screenreader, so I’d like to replace them with images and have the image-description text do its thing.

Since each device has their own resolution, I don’t think there’s any acceptable text-sized-width image worldwide. On topic of screenreader, what do you mean with “don’t provide clear output”?

The length of a choicescript line, when at its max, is 664x24 pixels. For a full-width image I’d probably use 660px. For height I use some multiple of 24 and then tick off a few pixels to minimize the amount of ‘whitespace margin’ that’s between the image and the next line of text. The images will scale down for smaller devices and it’s impossible to look perfect on every smartphone. So I really just focus on getting it perfect at the max resolution.

Embedding images using left and right-alignment can definitely make things trickier. That doesn’t seem to be what you’re looking for, but for anyone looking into it I wouldn’t go wider than 330px. Horizontal space is a premium!


If you check my game, early on there is an overview of ticket prices.
It sounds off when read by screenreader etc. As rewording it in text would look clunky, im going this route

Personally I’ve always used 600x400 as standard. Possibly based on outdated ideas of screen sizes, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

I was really worried about the size and probably made them too small in the first one I did. Similar to everyone else, usually mine are 600-800px wide in general depending on the image. (Sometimes it’ll be narrower if it’s taller and needs to fix without taking up a huge amount of space vertically.) Generally they get resized down though regardless of what device people use and look alright. I’d just be careful not to make them too large memory wise, the ones in Wizard of Oz were probably unnecessarily large and got quite a few complaints about the phone memory it took up.

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People need to get the new Samsung with 1 Terabyte worth of memory … :wink:


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