Optimal file size of images - loading speeds

Hi all. Does anyone know the optimal file size for images? Obviously larger ones take longer to load on readers’ screens.

Couldn’t find a relevant thread or wiki page, but if you know of one feel free to redirect. Many thanks.

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For mobile apps the files should be stored locally. So as long as they’re not outrageously large, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Probably want to care more about dimensions than file size.

Still, if your game is being played via website then connection speed does begin to come into play. No definite numbers to advise you on, but you probably don’t want to be topping over 1MB too often, if you can help it.


Thanks @CJW, that makes sense. Appreciate the advice!

I usually stick around 640px for width if I want an image that covers the entire width of the screen, both for PC and mobile. Not sure how it’d look like on screens with higher resolution, though.

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