Game Art Questions

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Hello! I’m making this topic because I’m currently in the process of commissioning the official art for my game, and despite looking over the page on the main website, it wasn’t left entirely clear for me.

Are there any limitations regarding file size for the art?

What are the recommended/accepted dimensions for the splash screen/cover art? I know the dimensions change somewhat depending on the device used, but is there any average size recommended as baseline that can be resized afterwards?

I apologize if these questions have rather obvious answers, but I’m a bit of a ditz regarding the matter, so I thought I should get some info from someone who is more knowledgeable.

Thank you for your time.


You need to provide multiple sizes of artwork for all the different formats. Email COG and ask them what they need.

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I did send in a couple emails to the specific email listed on the webpage (alongside another questions I had), but it’s been a good few months since I did, so I was hoping I could at least get this one answered here.

I’ve scrounged up the money for the art, but I’d like to get it commissioned asap, before something else comes up and I’m forced to spend the money I’ve set aside for it.

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Two things:

First, if you’re worried that spending money on artwork will seriously eat into your ability to provide for your needs, do not do it. Almost all CoG and Hosted Games are relatively devoid of artwork. You can get Creative Commons images for free for your cover art, or do what I did for my current game Invite Only and use a Shutterstock subscription and some photo/layout editing software for cheap.

That said, the artwork I commissioned for A Kiss from Death was phenomenal, worth every penny, and no doubt contributed to its success.

Secondly, here’s the list that they gave me of all the file sizes and specifications needed:


No, no, that’s not it. I’m sorry, I worded it pretty badly. I meant it more that I’d eventually get involved in something else and spend the money while justifying it as ‘I’ll get it together later’. I wouldn’t risk my basic needs for the purposes of my game, that’s never been in the cards.

But thank you for the specifications! It kind of… messed with my head a bit (I’m really not good with these matters), but I think I’ve managed to make sense. I really appreciate it, thank you very much. :grin:

I went through the list by hand in detail and remade the list as an Excel doc with dimensions and requirements and still ended up messing some of it up, so don’t worry!