Question about icon art


I’m a little confused when it comes to icon art. On the Hosted Games submission form, the description is:

Icon: 1024×1024, but mobile devices will resize it down to 48×48. This icon should NOT include the name of your game.

Now obviously 1024×1024 is very large and 48×48 is very small, so a lot of the detail will get lost when it’s resized. So I wanted to know, is the 1024×1024 image actually ever used in it’s original size? I’m just asking because it would be pointless to put too much detail into the image if it’s only purpose is to be shrunken down to moblie app size.


No, it’s not ever used at 1024x1024.

It’s mostly used at things like 72x72, 57x57, etc etc.

And yes, a lot of detail gets lost. Designing a good icon for an app is the hardest part of the art process.


Awesome, I’ll do a closeup picture then. Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile: