Self-adjusting chapter title image

So I’ve noticed in some of the recent CoG titles that they have a chapter title image that changes from black to white depending on the background. I’ve looked around (maybe I didn’t look hard enough?) But all I couldn’t find a way to make my images do that.

I’ve tried creating a transparent all black .png file, still nothing.

This is the file I was working with

Is there a way I could make the image invert colours when the readers change background? Or should I just make the title colours grey instead?


You can get that functionality with the useful *text_image command. Works just like *image, but will invert the colors in nightmode.

Alternatively, you can design two separate images and display the correct one using an if statement along with the special ChoiceScript variable choice_nightmode.

A useful guide: How to make quick and easy chapter headers


I thought I was using the right command (*text_image, transparent background, .png) as well but can’t get it to work either (both ways). If you’re using CS-IDE, @MichaelMaxwell, I suspect that might be the problem, as that’s what I’m using?

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It works! A bit iffy due to my image not being perfectly transparent, but it works!


I’m using notepad ++, and it works pretty well. The image inverts perfectly.

I’d use CS-IDE, but the scripts in my game are incredibly complex to a point where I’ve grown dependant on the plugins and functionality that notepad ++ has

@MichaelMaxwell - I was told by 3 different published authors that CoG/HG will facilitate the artwork working with the supported backgrounds … whenever I tested, I’d point out their artwork was not working with the black screen and this is the uniformed response back.

Never-the-less, at the time of submission just verify :slight_smile:

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Awesome then! Some of the starting title image won’t work with dark background, so I think I’ll have to make at least one custom title image.

Speaking of which, I’ll have to do some verification as to what can and cannot be in the game later on. This includes copyrighted image works, fonts, brand names, etc. But that’s for another topic.

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I really like that thread! Kind of my thing.

And this part is the worthy mention.