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well im need some advance from you guys

  1. can the image command used with variable? (ex: if your race is werewolf, i want the image of werewolf, but when you choose as vampire the image will be vampire)
  2. im making a game based on : anime , manga , other games, when it finished can it be hosted by the CoG?

Thanks before … :smile:

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Hey I changed the title of your thread. You can ask all your questions here now if you want instead of making a new thread with a generic title each time.

  1. Yes. You do that with the if command. So

*if werewolf 
   *image werewolf
*if vampire
    *image vampire
  1. Is it about anime in general? Or based on a specific anime?
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well i will try the image code now, and my game is based on specific anime, so the CoG only host a pure story from writer?

Yes. They won’t host a fan-fiction game.

but i can still create it for fun rights?

No one’s going to stop you making it for fun.

your tips at 1st question work well thanks

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