Help with Character Customization? =)

Hi, guys!! So, I am a Writer, not so much as a Coder… but I want to learn!! Think ya can help out?? xD

Ok. So, I figured how to *setgenders, but I’d love for my readers to be able to create their own character customization…

For instance… Letting the readers be able to choose their own skin tone or hair color. How do I make the script remember that and show up on stat screen?? o__0

Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

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For stuff like skin tone and hair color, you’ll need to *create individual variables for each stuff.


*create skintone ""
*create haircolor ""

Later on, in character generation page, just put a *choice that asks the player, “what is your preferred skin?”


Examples that might help just a little(Pulled from my currently demoless WIP, Rokusuppo)
In game:
“Who gives a shit? Your girl problems won’t matter when I mess you up.”
# “It wouldn’t be “girl” problems anyway.”
(Words. Yet to be established.)
*set Orientation “Guys”

Some of the stat chart page.
*label Firstpage

text Name
text Gender
text Orientation
text School
text Style

Startup would be a little like this.
*create Name “Punk”
*create Gender “?”
*create Orientation “Whatever”
*create School “?”
*create Style “Winning”

You can put whatever you want in the " " part, but there does need to be something to fill it for a text variable.

Edit: Yes. Yes it actually says this.

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Hmm… Okay, thanks guys I will try this!! However… So, if I do something like *create haircolor “?” in variables

On stats screen, it will show up as question mark until the reader chooses what color they want?
Do I also do something like *set haircolor “DarkBrown” after the choice is selected?

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Pretty much yes. It will read as “?” until the player makes an input/choice that changes it with *set haircolor “Dark Brown”

You could do a small test to see if it’s working that way as intended first,

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Oh, right! One last thing… how would I write that in the script later? Like, if player chose “Brown Hair” and I was writing it in a sentence…

“You pulled your brown hair up in a ponytail.”

for example.

Depends on what you’re asking. For text variables done by choices it is done by putting that text variable and what option it was *set as X. There’s a reason why people don’t usually get super sophisticated with it.
*if (Romance = “All”) #(Words)

If you want it in the middle of text without making an option for it, it works different.

Note: This is what the wiki says, and I haven’t tested this next part properly yet outside of he/she/zhe:

It could be presumably done as having ${var} in which it would be the haircolor/gender or what have you and display it as what it was set to. It would be a lot like the same way you do the name variable only with X variable replacing the Name part.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong about that last part, but I know the first half is right.

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You pulled your ${haircolor} hair up in a ponytail

Keep in mind that this is assuming [haircolor] = “brown”, not [haircolor] = “brown hair”
Else, you’ll get “You pulled your brown hair hair up in a ponytail.


If it helps, you can only use

*create variablename value

in the startup.txt script but you can change the value of the variable you created anywhere in any other scene file using

*set variablename newvalue

If you’re new to coding, one tip for you is to use comments liberally, as in all over the place! You’ll come back to your work in a few months time and look at some of those variables that have obscure names and wonder what they heck they do. Don’t ask me how I learned this one…

You don’t need a War and Peace effort for each variable, just a brief one liner will be invaluable. Something like this little snippet from one I’m working on:

*comment player character
*create pc_name "Alice"
*create pc_age 20
*create pc_money 100
*comment gender 1=male, 2=female
*create pc_gender 2
*create pc_moneybanked 1000
*create pc_bedroomwindowopen false
*comment base_attract 0 is ugly as heck, 100 is drop dead gorgeous supermodel material
*create pc_base_attract 50
*comment clean - 0 is squeaky clean, 100 looks like she's been playing in the mud
*create pc_clean 0
*comment sweat - 0 is pristine, 100 is like a wet dog
*create pc_sweat 0
*comment marks 0 is no marks, 100 looks like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards
*create pc_marks 0
*comment wet 0 is bone dry, 100 is soaking wet
*create pc_wet 0

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