Refresher, *create and *set

So. When writing the startup file, when doing stuff like haircolor, eyecolor, ETC. Can you just create those once, or do you have to put them each tme in the male, VS Female, VS, ETC, fields? So. Something like:

*create eyecolor "jet black"

As aposed to something like this:

*set N_gender "female"
*set N_eyecolor "jet black"

Forgot, and createing a new game, since. Well. Sort of just used the last 3 monthhs to sharpen my teeth, writeing a fanfic for Wayhaven. Now that the demmo of book 3 is out? Not sure if doing that is apropriate. Will probably just pop the fic up on the Fanfic forum.

From my experience I would say you need both, you can’t set a variable in a scene file if it is not created in the startup file…unless it is a *temp variable but those only works within the file they are created and don’t follow the code to another scene file.

What I personally do is create my variable in startup file with the empty quote, that way, I can set them in the scene file that I want.

The way you did it is ok too, you create them in startup with the value and you set them where you want them to be set.

But if you need to reference variables for each gender, the below is how I do it after creating each of those variable with empy quote in the start up file. That way depending on the choice the player make…the variable is set for that gender.

  It was the voice of a man.
  *set namer2 "Luke"
  *set surnamer2 "Martinez"
  *set r2 "man"
  *set workr2 "Work partner"
  *set r2occu "Lead Detective"
  *set r2he_she "he"
  *set r2him_her "him"
  *set r2his_her "his"
  *set r2hisz_hers "his"
  *set r2himself_herself "himself"
  It was the voice of a woman.
  *set namer2 "Lucia"
  *set surnamer2 "Martinez"
  *set r2 "woman"
  *set workr2 "Work partner"
  *set r2occu "Lead Detective"
  *set r2he_she "she"
  *set r2him_her"her"
  *set r2his_her "her"
  *set r2hisz_hers "hers"
  *set r2himself_herself "herself"

*create command is used to input permanent variables on your game, as opposed to *temp command which will only make temporary variables.

*set command is used to assign new data for a variable.

To answer your question, it depends. If you’re talking about only one character, then you can just set one permanent variable and use it throughout your game and you may change the value accordingly. One permanent variable for each type of stuff like eye color, gender, height, etc.

Here’s an example for eye color. In the startup.txt file, you can put:

*create eyecolor "unknown"

And then somewhere, you can add choices to specify the eyecolor.

My eyes are...
          *set eyecolor "blue"
          *set eyecolor "brown"
          *set eyecolor "black"
          *set eyecolor "grey"
          *set eyecolor "green"
My eyes are a wonderful shade of ${eyecolor}.

So everytime you put ${eyecolor} from beyond that choice, it’ll show what you have set it to.

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