I want name "Unknown" but the game like "nah"

I want my characters name to be unknown until you make a choice. I had that already done but then i added new names by the command *create name “Blah” and then in the stats it presets the name instead of “Unknown”, i tried searching on the wikia but i didn’t find anything.
My stats:

My life..
 text Name
 opposed_pair Evil
 percent Gunshooting
 percent Unnarmed
 percent Focus
Stat Explanation:
Evil-Good - Your personality, affects some choices.

Gunshooting - Your ability to shoot guns, will affect most fighting choices.

Unnarmed - Your abilit to fight unnarmed, will affect most fighting choices.

Focus - Your ability to focus on a goal, will affet some choices.

The variable you created called name has a preset at creation.

*create name “Unknown”

Then later, when the player chooses their name use this format:

What is your name?
  #My name is Bob
    *set name "Bob"
    *goto next_part
  #My name is Robert
    *set name "Robert"
    *goto next_part
  #Neither of these are my name...
    *input_text name
    *goto next_part

*label next_part
Your name is *{name}.

I already have the *create name “Unknown” . That’s the thing that worked last time, but now it doesn’t work.

The variable you created called “name” can only be created once. If you want other character names, use different variable names.

*create name “Unknown”
*create name2 “Bob”
*create name3 “Robert”


*create playername “Unknown”
*create romancename1 “Joe”
*create romancename2 “Jenny”
*create friendname1 “Peter”


Edit: A better way still is to name the character variable after the default character name:

*create Bob “Bob”

  • This can later be changed by the player.

What is your friend’s name?
*goto next_part
#Something Else…
*input_text bob
*label next_part
Your friend’s name is *{bob}

I want the MC name, not other characters.

Then do as I said in the first post - that’s it. No more creating new names. The player changes the name through a choice.

You mean

  *create name "Bob"
  *set name "Bob"


No - you don’t use *create anywhere except right at the start in startup.txt

Use the text exactly as I posted it - change names.

*set name “Bob”
*goto next_part

That’s it.

Here’s a pretty little bloop of code to use

*title blah
*author Tis I! 

*create name "Bob"
*create name "Unkown"

*set name "Unkown"

Who are you?
  #Muh name is Bob.
    *set name "Bob"

But i don’t want that, i just want my stat screen to look like this:


And not

Name: Alexandra

I want that space to be blank until a person chooses a name.

Then when you create the name in startup.txt type:

*create name “”

That will leave it blank.

^^^^^^ What he said.

Ahhhh just don’t put anything, or shall I say *set anything until you get to the names and it will remain blank.

I don’t have anything *set until the name choice.

@Arasia_Valentia, there is no need to set a variable after creating it. When you create it, you set the default at the same time.

*Create name “Potato”

That’s it. No need for
*Set name “Potato”

The only time you use the command *set is when you want to change a variable to another value.

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Here’s another example.


*create name "Unknown"
*create strength 25

You wake up in the dark. You squint slightly and recall your name...

  *set name "Sam"
  *goto next
  *set name "Beth"

And blahblahblah. Then, in states stats screen you’ll be able to do the variables.

Also, forgive my lack of proper indentation, if there is any. I’m on mobile.

Yeh, I thought they wanted it to look like this:

Name: Unkown

That’s why I put in the *set


You don’t have to set the name as Unknown, if you want it to display as Unknown in stats. It will automatically do so, until you set it as something else, such as Carl or Stacy.

ETA: but if you just want it blank, put in blank quotations as someone advised above.


*create Name ""

Also, you don’t need a *page_break to start the text on startup.txt, iirc. It’s been a while since I played around with a startup file, though.

I didn’t set it as something else, the only way to set it as something else is in the name choice.

I tried doing *create name “” .

@YeThatFella Can you copy and paste your current code for me? Use the </> to keep it formatted properly.