Need help with chracter customization hair! edition

so, I need help with character customization for hair. I have most variables down on my startup, the thing I’m worried about, is my option includes allowing the player to choose to be bald.

my startup looks like:

*create hair " "
*create hairlength " "
*create haircolor " "

my stats look like:

Hair type: ${hair}
Hair length: ${hairlength}
Hair color: ${haircolor}

I have a scene with the choices to hair customization as scene: customize (also, yes, I know i have bald under “hair” and cropped as “hairlength” this is why it gets a bit tricky

     #Bald head.
            *set hair "bald"
            *goto_scene customize3 (this is where I'll be setting skin tone and skipping scene 2 because thats for hair type, but I labeled it under as just "hair") 
     # Cropped hair.
            *set hairlength "cropped"
            *goto_scene customize2

now my issue is—I have hair color (black, blonde, brown, etc), hair length (cropped, bobbed, shoulder length, etc), and hair (which falls under coiled, curly, straight, etc.) but the bald option would skip over hair length and color cuz hello, ur bald??? so what will happen to my stat screen if someone chooses to be bald? 2 variables wouldnt pop up (hair length and color)??? what should I do?

Hair type: ${hair}
*if (hair != "bald")
    Hair length: ${hairlength}
    Hair color: ${haircolor}

would this be on the stats screen?

yes, and in your character creation flow, skip the hair type choices if player choose bald (use a different label to goto, the one after all the hair customisation is done)

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alrighty then, thank you very much!!

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