Capitalizing "text" in the stats screen

So… I’m probably over-complicating things a lot more than I need to, but I would be REALLY happy if someone could give me a solution to this problem.

Basically, I’m adding certain features about the character’s appearance, like for instance, hair colour. And I want the colour of the hair to be capitalized.

Choice would look something like this:

What is your hair colour?

    *set Hair "black"
    *set Hair "brown"
    *set Hair "blonde"

Now, when this shows upon the stats screen, I want it to show as:

Hair: Blonde

instead of:

Hair: blonde

I do know how to do this in game. Just put:

Hair: $!{Hair}

But on the stats page, I’m using the traditional:

text Hair

So, does anyone know if there is anyway to change the “text Hair” to make the hair colour show up with a capital letter?

To clarify, I do know that I could just code the word to begin with a capital letter, ie:

*set Hair "Blonde"

But I would prefer not to do this, as I’ll be mentioning hair colour in the game, and I don’t want it to appear as capitalized when I do.

Also, yes, I could always just change the stats screen, so the stats would be written as,
“Hair: $!{Hair}” instead of “text Hair”, but I’d rather not do this because I prefer the layout the other way. :yum:


Put them into two variables, then (one for lowercase and one for capital)?


Just do $!{hair} outside of a stat chart.
Edit: NVM, missed that you don’t like this. Don’t think there’s any (decent) alternatives.


Remove the !
! Capitalizes the displayed thing
Two ! puts everything in capitals

Edit nvm missread what you wanted.

Have you tried
text Hair $!{hair}
Would that even work?

Edit2 ffs i can’t read today
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That would probably be the best solution, if there’s no way to edit the “text Hair”. Still, I am ever so slightly reluctant to do this, because the MC will have the option to dye their hair later in the game, and I’m worried that I’ll remember to change one variable and forget to change the other. Still, it’s a very good back up option. Thank you! :grin:

No, it’s the opposite. I want the word to be capitalized in the stat chart, but I don’t want it to be capitalized outside of the stat chart. :yum:


I don’t have the IDE to play around but you could always do a *temp on the stat_chart page that capitalizes the thing

Does setting a temp variable as $!{hair} work?

*temp hair_stat "$!{hair}" 

Or something (I forget if/how to bounce strings between variables right now, heh…)


As far as I’m aware, putting a word after “hair” would actually change the word “hair”, rather than the actual hair colour. So, let’s say the hair colour was black. If you put:

text Hair $!{Hair}

It would show up as:

Black: black
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Nevermind me, thinking is not my thing today.
I KNOW i know the solution.
Give me an hour to get my mind in order


Ah! That would actually be perfect! That way I wouldn’t have to worry about having two separate stats for each variable. Thank you! :grin:


I must ask:
Why DO you want it as a stat_chart instead of, let’s say

Hair: $!{hair}
   text strength Strength

it would display as

Hair: Color
Strength: X

I think I get why: I’m the same way as @Avery_Moore, I think! When it’s in a stat chart it’s indented slightly differently than when it’s out, so it won’t line up with everything else in the stats screen! That always bothers me so I try to code around it too XD


Yeah, that’s exactly it. I like the indent. :yum:

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