Uppercase when displaying variables in stats screen


I know that if you display a variable in-game you can capitalize the first letter with $!{var}. Do you have some sort of function like that for the stats screen as well? So if you have a string variable with a content of all lowercase letters, but you want to display it in the stats screen with the first letter capitalized. Is that possible?


As the stats screen doesn’t make any permanent changes to stats (i.e. everything is reset back to what it was when leaving the stats screen) you can add a bit of code at the top of the stats file:

*set var $!{var}

This should work, but sorry if I haven’t explained it very well!


That’s actually really simple…

Thanks a lot :smiley:


text name Name
Percent health Health

you can also rename a stat on the stats screen

text name Nickname
percent health Condition