How do I capitalize stats in the stat screen that are lowercase in the game file?

I am confused on this issue. I set stats the game file like this:

*set symmetry “bilateral”
*set skin “a membrane”

But want them to appear as “Bilateral” and “A Membrane” (without the quotes in both cases) in the stats screen. Does anyone know how I would accomplish this?

$!{foo} will capitalize the first letter of a stat (“A membrane”). As for the *stat_chart, the only option is to enter it capitalized IFAIK.

(*set skin “A Membrane”)

The only thing you don’t want to actually want to capitalize is the stat itself (symmetry/skin).

As Reaperoa said for the variable value OR you just write it as a capital in the stat screen for the variable name itself so type:

{Name} as opposed to {name} and it will capitilize its label when viewed in game.

Thanks anyway, but I ended up just making two spearate stats, one for the stat screen and another for the printing it in the story.