Using commas in the stats screen (help meee)

Okay, this is embarassing but I’m really new to using choicescript and I’m not sure how I should be ale to put the four physical descriptions into the same sentence in the stats screen. Please help. :cry:

  text Hair
  text Eyes
  text Skin 
  text Height

I have ${hair} hair and I am ${skin} skin tone etc... Normally name gender and skin arent portrayed as stats due it has no sense as you don’t increase decrease gender or name


Instead of using a stat chart, you can just have a header that says “Appearance” and then underneath it:
${Hair}, ${Eyes}, ${Skin}

(Edit: There should be a dollar sign in front of each curly bracket; if you want them to be capitalized, you would write it as $!{Eyes}, etc.)


@poison_mara @rinari Thanks you guys!! That helped a lot :relaxed:


I still remember how hard was for me to learn lol. So you read all info and ask for all questions you have people here is super nice.