Problems *stats_chart

Alright, so I was playing around in Choicescript and have come across a couple issues that need to be addressed. This is what a snippet of my stats chart looks like:

*label stat_chart
*comment basics
Name: $(full_name)
Employer: $(employer_name)
Gender: $(gender)
Race: $(race)
Natural talent: $(natural_talent)

The problem here is, that instead of displaying the name “John Doe” as I set it in the startup, it displays Name: $(full_name). It’s the same for the other stats.

Another issue is that certain parts of my stat chart won’t display.

        text Agility
        text Resiliance
        text Astuteness
        text Coordination
        text Leadership
        text Strength
        text Intimidation
        text Ranged Ability
        text Melee Ability
          opposed_pair Honest
          opposed_pair Compassionate
          opposed_pair Primal Instincts
          opposed_pair Charming    
          opposed_pair Vagabond    
          opposed_pair Humble

But, it won’t actually display it on the stats screen. If anybody could help me with this, I’d be thrilled.

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For the second part, it looks like you’re missing the variable stat I think

It should look something like

 text agility Agility

At least that’s how I do my stats. Text is the format, agility is the variable and Agility is how you want the stat to appear like.

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Ah, I see. I was using COV’s stat-chart as a reference, so that might have tripped me up. Thanks for the help!

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You need { brackets, not (


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That would explain why it wasn’t displaying correctly. Thanks!

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