Need help with the Stats Screen

Right now, the beginning of my Stats Screen looks like this:

text Name
text Gender
text hair_color Hair Color
text eye_color Eye Color

It works just fine, but I’d like it to form a nice little sentence instead of a text list. For example, if the player has chosen that he’s a male with the name Victor and black hair and gray eyes, it would look like on this on the Stats Screen:

You’re a 16 year old boy named Victor with black hair and gray eyes.

Is this possible?

You are a {age} year old {gender} named {name} with {hair_color} hair and ${eye_color} eyes.

I did a basic tutorial on this.


Thank you, but I’ve done exactly that, but it just shows this Error screen:

choicescript_stats line 2: invalid line; this line should start with ‘percent’, ‘text’, or ‘opposed_pair’

What exactly am I doing wrong?

Maybe you put @FairyGodfeather’s code inside the *stat_chart
You should put it on independent line for the code to work.


As @Szaal said, don’t put it in a *stat_chart. All the stats screen does is tell the game that it’s the scene the game should display (starting from the top) when the stats button is clicked. There’s nothing else special about it. Other than it being accessed slightly differently, it works the same as any other scene.

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Ohhh wow, okay! Can’t believe it was that simple.
Thank you all! :slight_smile:

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