Images and dark mode

Today I was planning on creating chapter and stats screen headers for my game. However, I was a bit afraid that the all-black text might fade into the background (quite literally) whenever the reader switches to a black background.

Right now, I haven’t made them yet and I just want confirmation on how people create headers and make them work in all background modes.

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There’s a whole post about it by @RETowers.


I think that Werewolves header looks pretty sexy both ways :yum:

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Thank your linking me to this post. It was quite useful.

However, is there a certain command needed in order to invert colors whenever the game is in dark mode?

It does!

I very much though it was a sunrise when I played the game because I always play in dark mode. It was only after @RETowers’ post that I learned it was a benevolent accident.

*image will display the image as is, with no changes.
*text_image will invert the colours in dark mode.

It’s written in the post above. Take a careful look, it’s very thorough.

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