Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)

Going off of polling data in my previous thread, I would like to announce my WIP: Supra Humanum.

Synopsis -

In the future, mankind has achieved Faster Than Light (FTL) travel. Mankind quickly traveled from system to system, finding habitable planets but no other signs of intelligent life. As the last great frontier is conquered, mankind finds themselves with nothing else to master. Except their mortal shells.

You live in an age where cybernetics are common, the distant stars are settled by humanity and people have AI assistants to help with their daily tasks. Yet you are an oddity, you are the only human with AI-controlled nanobots in your body. You are potentially stronger than any human walking but you need to keep a low profile to stay away from your creators.

In the meantime, make your living with a team of mercenaries, taking on various jobs through the Terran Confederation of Stars. Put down riots or stir up trouble. Assassinate the CEO of the Corporate Republic of Alpha Centauri or blackmail him. Multiple missions exist with multiple ways of handling them. Just do not lose yourself to the AI and be ready for when your past catches up to you.

The plan -

I’ve been powering through chapter 1 to at least get it up before the start of the next semester. I still expect to do fairly regular updates as coding time has replaced gaming/leisure time. However, it is nice to work without the stress of school over my head alongside the others that are always around. Updates probably won’t be as big as this one but the project won’t end until the story is done.

Demo link:

RO Interest poll! - Make your voices heard. Bios will be included in the stat sheet update.

  • The AI
  • Dove
  • Lynx
  • Grizzly
  • Peregrine
  • (None of these, where’s my 6th one at?)

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Todo list (as of 8/10/17)


Need to do some cleanup on formatting. Lots of this going to be needed. Will be working on this, screenshots welcome.
Stats screen needs work, will be the subject of a minor update (not including the updates from fixes and such for chapter 1.)
Continue your first mission./Chapter 1 (Chapter 1- 1st draft finished @ 20k words!)
Learn more coding to support saves. (Implemented. If it is giving anyone trouble, let me know.)
Address any missed bugs/typos as needed.
Now that Chapter 1 is up, feel free to comment on the characters and their personalities. What needs fleshed out? Did the combat feel wrong? Feedback is always welcome.


Ouh, I thought the setting of your nanobots-mercenary story takes place on a somekind of a verdant jungle, away from the civilization (or rather, escaping from them) :laughing:

Sry, can’t help but to get the Crysis vibe from your poll.

The urban jungle is the only thing that exists on Earth, though there are various biodomes that still contain some greenery.

Having never played it but looking over the synopsis I can honestly say that:

  • There are no nanosuits. The closest game that comes close to my mechanics will be the original Deus Ex or the nanites in the Outer Limits episode “The New Breed”. All things considered though, there will be enough differences with the AI alone that I should remain completely in the realm of original work.

  • I intend to hop around the galaxy a bit, so you may come upon some rural areas to attempt to lay low in. The system for avoiding your “creators” is something I haven’t fleshed out in terms of moving from my novel to a game.

  • All of your enemies will be humans. Aliens do not exist in the world, mankind is alone.


No hentai Japanese mutated octopus?

games aside, will we be able to upgrade our nanobots?


The most that you can expect to see from Japan are advanced robotics and whatever strange things come out of Akihabara equivalent of the time. :wink:

The AI will “learn” and develop as the game progresses. As the AI learns, he/she/it (your choice) will internally upgrade your nanobots for you.

I also have an ambitious idea for stat adjustment, This is one of the things that I intend to read up on in CS to see if this will be possible.


Nice. Japan is like a mystery box, you don’t know what they are doing but it’s sure to be awesome or creepy and sometimes both.

I wonder…will she/he/it be able to learn about ‘love’ …and then will try to get all the nanobots out of our body to create a robotic body for herself!!!

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that sounds more like a predator movie XD

and about the game sound very fun good luck with that!

I plead the 5th about the AI storyline. Except that the character will be a very prominent character within the story. After all, the AI is literally along for the ride.

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(Bussiness idea meme here)

what if we make a ‘parody’ or a similar universe cog game?

That the AI will have its own personality (like an inner voice) or will it only give us some advice or improvement?


It is a fully sentient AI with its own personality that will shift according to how you treat it. Interpret that as you will.


Actually, Crysis story is about cliche U.S. vs (in this case) North Korea, turning into pseudo-human-vs.-alien.
With nanobots. And Alien plasma rifle.

And cool nanosuit


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Im already excited for this, Ive loved futuristic CGs/HGs since Metahuman Inc (one of my favorite games ever along with CK2)

the way shit is going the cease fire agreement my end soon.

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All of this talk about Crysis is making me feel old. .I need someone that can share my Deus Ex nostalgia.

well I play deus ex ( ps2 ) and half and a little more deus ex human revolution

Thank you, you’ve brought me back to my teen years. I didn’t play 2 when it originally came out, though I do have it on Steam. I haven’t had a lot of time for video games lately. Writing has actually consumed video game time.

that nanosuit is cool but I like one more like this:



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yeah I only have the ps3 for a year so most of my games years are with the ps2…tears of pride

Well, both the nanosuit and the skullsuit have their own ‘coolness’, I think :thinking:

Eh heh, I was too young to play all kind of games back then :sweat_smile: