Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Hmm, sounds like The Vanished Project, but that had 14 gods.

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pretty sure thats Velos (WIP) - Demo Update on 8/29/21

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Thanks thats it!

The MC is a regular guy who turns to a life of crime and slowly manifest powers and later finds out he’s lucifer.Any ideas??

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Oi there people been a long time… I might’ve asked 'bout this in here but lucky me I can’t seem to recall what this one is…

MC got advanced nanobots with AI (or something like that) in their body and they are in team and only the boss knows 'bout MCs situation and MC and their team, I think goes to assassinate some filthy rich guy who travels at that time in a bullet proof limo. MC can even fore an EMP or use a nanobot meele weapon.

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I think its this Supra Humanum :thinking:

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It actually is… Thank-You.

Hello I’m searching for a wip where you are a monster living in a train doing a detective job. I chose a doll like monster but I think you can also be a Cerberus I think?

that’s When It Hungers(formerly Smoke and Velvet), it’s being reworked in twine :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I’m looking for a WIP. It has supernatural elements. One of the potential RO’s works at or owns a bar or pub and has a crush on you. Another RO you were friends with as a child comes back into your life. I remember playing it around a year ago. I know it’s not much to go on.

Am also looking for a WIP. Starts with MC talking to a boy with eldritch abomination for a pet (or it’s the same entity). Then the boy peruses MC’s memories especially about MC’s foster sister (MC also has a bad luck of swapping foster parents regularly). Sister gets kidnapped during Halloween at some abandoned asylum’s party (there were a boy who drunk beer regularly, creepy woman who told creepy story about last patient who got lobotomized and kidnapped sister at the end, another girl who got lost in asylum and sister’s girlfriend (you could also be jealous of her if you set that you have feeling for “sister” (you are not related by blood, but you’re family))). Out of everyone, who were present at the party, only 2 people did NOT went MIA is the MC and sister’s gf.



that would be WiP: Invicto (Updated on 04/02/2022)


Can anyone help me finding this?
The mc wakes up on a lab where some pepole are making a autopsy i think and the mc has wings.
Later when you try to escape you meet some other pepole with codenames: karma, ace, joker or something like that cant remember very well. Somthing like villains i think?

A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)


Anyone knows of a game where the mc is a cowboy he can join one of two gangs one of them is called Hades legion i think.

The Burning Sun

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Hey I’m trying to find a low fantasy WiP where you were a prince/princess sent away to fight in a war at a young age but now your back the king is dead and the new queen is your young sister who you can either guide or puppet as you lead an army to war. Also you’re dealing with a lot of trauma from seeing death at a young age. Can anyone help me out it’s been nagging me for weeks now.

I think you’re referring to I, The Forgotten One


Thank you so much!

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