Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

It’s one of the games that I somehow found when I registered my forum account last year… … Start looking for it again weeks ago but never succeed. Thanks again🤗!

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Anyone knows what happened to The grave of heirs? It’s been some time since the author updated on forum and tumbrl. Is it still going or is it abandoned?

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Not really the thread topic, but if J hasn’t been active here, or on tumblr it probably relates to the health issues J explained a little about having some time back. From what I understand about it just from reading about it over on the blog, these health issues aren’t small, and can be severely debilitating. We just need to be patient, and hope she feels better soon. :pensive:

Hello! I’m looking for a wip where the mc was a con artist(?) but then they got captured because they were betrayed. I think the FBI offers them to become an informant for them. I also remember that you get flashbacks while you are talking to the FBI agent interrogating you. Thanks in advance!

Ace of Spades. Dead probably :v

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Yup that’s it. Thank you!

So it’s a game where you and the friends get trapped inside the game y’all made and all become god with the nc being the god of death.

Pretty sure it’s this one


That one hurts, I really liked the concept but the author has not been active for a long time

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Eyyyy uhhmm anybody remember a wip wherein ur somekind of a god? Or demigod u were put to sleep as a punishment I think then was revived but u woke up in a modernworld and u met alot of people and ur tryin to find out what had happened while ur asleep also u work for the company who awakened u annnddd u had a mission from ur boss to find their lost kid

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That one’s A Cage of Mist and Shadow. This link goes to the adult thread for it, though I don’t remember if there was a non-adult thread. Either way, this is the one. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi! I’m trying to find this WIP that was set in a college/academy. I’m 90% sure there were some hints of magic in it. There were two gods and the MC is somehow related to the evil one. There was also this part where the MC has a choice to leave class and pursue someone who was planting bombs. Also, at the end of the WIP, the MC and other main characters go to the headmaster and have the choice to join a team. Many thanks in advance!

Hmm, sounds like The Vanished Project, but that had 14 gods.

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pretty sure thats Velos (WIP) - Demo Update on 8/29/21

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Thanks thats it!

The MC is a regular guy who turns to a life of crime and slowly manifest powers and later finds out he’s lucifer.Any ideas??

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Oi there people been a long time… I might’ve asked 'bout this in here but lucky me I can’t seem to recall what this one is…

MC got advanced nanobots with AI (or something like that) in their body and they are in team and only the boss knows 'bout MCs situation and MC and their team, I think goes to assassinate some filthy rich guy who travels at that time in a bullet proof limo. MC can even fore an EMP or use a nanobot meele weapon.

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I think its this Supra Humanum :thinking:

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It actually is… Thank-You.

Hello I’m searching for a wip where you are a monster living in a train doing a detective job. I chose a doll like monster but I think you can also be a Cerberus I think?