Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)

yeah you’re right…if you are more like a badass with guns go for the crysis but if you like more swords go for raiden

never you are too young or too old for play with some of more great console and more epics videogames

Both are available to you and are valid combat styles.

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but I think that crysis suit is more focused in guns and combat and the suit of raiden is more swords and sneak abilities

Nah, Nanosuit is military badass, while skullsuit is more like “He is the badass” :laughing:


I’m just telling you the future. Though “swords” may be too narrow. Probably should widen it to melee weapons.

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alright but you have to understand me…I like more the simple and direct things if I say melee weapons I will say almost every weapon that is use in hand-to-hand combat meanwhile I say swords is more direct

well if you search in youtube almost every battle is win by some guy with a skullsuit ( example Raiden vs everybody you want )

You know, I might indulge an Equilibrium-like gun beatdown scene. Otherwise, enjoy swords and a survival/combat knife. Or perhaps other creative takedowns. We’ll see.

know talking about this our MC can use this sort of weapon? like to be more swords that guns?

The MC will have equipment: Customizable smart gun, collapsible sword and either a Ka-Bar or Bowie knife. Haven’t decided. The story will explain your gun.

What kind of path mc can take in the story? And is this dark and light kind of story or many shade of grey?

A good question and I’m going to try to answer it without completely tipping my hand. I’m going to try my best to permit the player to play as they want. Do you want to be the “White Knight” and do the right thing? Go for it. Do you want to lose yourself in the machine? Go for it. Do you want to sacrifice innocents in order to complete your mission expediently, I will permit it.

Keep in mind that there are always consequences for your actions.


Crysis 2 introduced a bow so now you have that also. The nanosuit uses optical camouflage also so it has stealth.

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This sounds really awesome and I cannot wait to play it!

Sorry if this has been answered already, but will the AI be an RO?

It has not been asked yet. In fact ROs haven’t been brought up at all so far.

I haven’t thought of having the AI be an RO but this may be the case where I take an idea from the community and run with it. Some brainstorming will have to be done here.


that could be great to include the IA like a RO…But Halo 5 taught me that you can never fancy yourself with an AI :cry:

It would definitely be different. Though if you are worried of “relations” I unfortunately figured out a solution to that way too quickly.

I am a bad, bad person. :imp:

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so if I romance the IA he/she will break me and take my body?