State of the Companies: 2023

Hi everyone!

Though Adrao has urged me to do another one of these every year for the past few years, I haven’t felt like the past few years really warranted one. However, there is a large enough collection of events that I thought putting them all together in one place might be illuminating for those paying attention at home.

I’ve previously posted about how much in outside royalties Choice of Games has paid out on published games (eg not HGs or HCs; not games by COG partners; not unpublished games’ Advances). I hadn’t realized this, but when I paid out December’s royalties (at the end of January), we crossed the $2 million mark. So, yeah, that’s pretty cool.

On the other hand, the beginning of 2022 was rough. It was disclosed that M.A.R. Barker, the creator of the Tékumel™ game world, was a holocaust denier. In a joint statement with the author of Choice of the Petal Throne and the Tékumel Foundation, we agreed that 100% of the gross revenue for the game will go to Jewish charities in perpetuity. You can read more here.

The next piece of news is that Dan has left Redfin and is now working for Choice of Games full time. This was long in coming, and with the downturn in the real estate business over the past year, it became clear that it was time for Dan to finally make the jump. This will hopefully mean a number of long-awaited improvements will be made to our systems, both visible and invisible. One of these features that you might have noticed already is the ability for users to now self-vend web/mobile access from a Steam receipt. While you can always write in to support, now you can also go to Profile - Choice of Games LLC and click the “Restore from Steam” and have your web account verify your Steam purchases without having to wait for us to do it for you.

In addition, one of the projects that Dan is working on right now is the ability for users to delete save files.

(And there was much rejoicing!)

We’re also hoping to figure out why the games aren’t running correctly on SteamDeck, and a variety of other long-tabled projects.

I mentioned in 2018 that Adam had stopped actively working for the company in the previous year. As of January 1st, 2023, he is no longer a partner in Choice of Games LL or Hosted Games LLC; Dan and I have bought him out. We wish Adam and his family the best.

In other news, Havenstone has opened the beta on his long-awaited sequel, Choice of Rebels: Stormwright. What’s more, we’ve had a number of other long-awaited sequels come out this year: Fallen Hero: Retribution, Wayhaven Chronicles 3, Lords of Infinity, and Unnatural Season 2. We’re thrilled to see these arrive after all this time.

We sent out a mailer at the beginning of the year about increasing prices. Inflation is a thing, and it’s hitting everyone. We hope that this will give authors a bit of a raise. In many instances, this will be about a $1 increase on games, and applies to the entire back catalog. We hope that the technical improvements that Dan is making will help make this price increase more digestible.

This weekend, on May 13th, “Sins of the Sires” is up for the Nebula Award for Game Writing. Congratulations to Natalia on his nomination, his second for a Choice of Games title!

Another bit of delightful news: we have our first COG wedding! @fiogan and @falingard met through the forums here many years ago and married each other in December in Montréal! Felicitations to them!

In April, we hired a new Production Assistant, Kate. If you’re submitting projects to Hosted Games, you’ll be interacting with her. She’s done the occasional piece of copyediting for us for the past few years, and we’re excited to have her come on full time to help with production.

Lastly, I had the great pleasure of meeting @JimD and his wife in person yesterday! Twelve years of working together, and this was our first time meeting; we had a lovely time. To top it off, he was kind enough to give me a first edition copy of “The Cave of Time.”

Stay tuned for an update to this post very soon!

UPDATE: And today, May 11th, we announce the extension of the World of Darkness license, as well as releasing trailers and Steam pages for the first two games. Read more here!


Here to many more good news, and Good Games! :+1:


Great news! Keep them coming!


Looking forward to what is to come!


Congrats on all of this and last year’s achievements, and on to the many more that are to come :clinking_glasses:


Pretty good news on the whole, and a major congratulations to @Fiogan and @Falingard !


I found your message to be very informative, and I want to congratulate the lovely couple! It’s great to see events like these happening, and I’m excited that Dan is finally taking the leap! Hope that I’m able to join the family as well haha, and I’m glad that you met @JimD Not only is he a great author but also an amazing person! (Even though we haven’t talked much XD Sometimes you can judge a person’s character with the way they talk to others and Jim has always been kind, even to the critiques.), they’re also one that I do wish to meet someday since they have inspired me to push for my dreams and get at least a single book published. All in all, congratulations! Hopefully, we get more newsletters like these (I think newsletter is the right term?:sweat_smile:)


Jason, when you have the time, you should do an updated list of the top-grossing titles on each label as you had on the previous one of these threads five years ago. Be fun to see how it changed (probably quite a bit, given that newer stories like Wayhaven were not present).


Choice of Games

Choice of Robots
VTM: Night Road
Heroes Rise: The Prodigy
Heroes Rise: The Hero Project
Choice of Rebels: Uprising
Choice of Magics
Heroes Rise: HeroFall
Creme de la Creme
Psy High
VTM: Parliament of Knives
Choice of the Vampire
Champion of the Gods
VTM: Out for Blood
Choice of the Dragon
MetaHuman, inc.

Heart’s Choice

All World Pro Wrestling
Brimstone Manor
A Pirate’s Pleasure

Hosted Games

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
Zombie Exodus
Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One
Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two
Samurai of Hyuga
The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria
War for the West
Samurai of Hyuga: Book Two
Fallen Hero: Rebirth
Tin Star
Community College Hero: Trial by Fire
Fallen Hero: Retribution
The Aether: Life of a God
Hero or Villain: Genesis
Golden Rose: Book One


Congrats to to lovely couple! :heart_eyes:


Wow! FH 2 is already on the list! That’s incredible. Also, I am a bit surprised WC has not taken the 1 and 2 spots yet, but I guess it does have to be mentioned that ZEx has all the DLC in play, plus quite a significant head start in being released earlier. Also, shows just how much of a boost the VtM collaboration has been for the CoG label, seeing three of them on there.

A tremendous shoutout to @JimD for his presence across all three lists. Truly our local Renaissance Man.


I’m so pleased! Huge congratulations to @Fiogan and @Falingard and I’m so pleased about all the other developments. It’s been amazing to see games coming out that were anticipated back years ago when I was first thinking of making CoG games. Congratulations and best of luck for the coming year :sparkling_heart:


Thank you so much for sharing this - it’s good to hear everything’s going so well, and it explains quite a few things I’ve noticed, particularly there being so many technological improvements and updates recently. I’ve especially liked being able to restore my own purchases from Steam. If anyone hasn’t tried that yet, you really should - it takes only about a minute and I’ve never had a problem with it.

I must admit I’m sorry to hear that Adam Strong-Morse is no longer a partner. Even though he hadn’t been active in years and hadn’t written any games for several years before that, I always hoped one of these days he’d take it up again. The three games he co-authored are beloved classics that set the tone for everything that’s come since, and in his years of editing, he helped some amazing authors find their voice in a new medium.


Congratulations @Fiogan and @Falingard!
And congratulations to Dan for making the jump to full-time as well. I’m excited to see what improvements that brings!


So excited to hear the good news! Seeing so many new and diverse authors writing in CS, and celebrating both long-awaited sequels and new titles by known and loved authors, is really thrilling.

And many thanks to everyone for the congratulations! My life would really be so different without CoG. Most of all there’s my spouse – that goes without saying – but the support, warmth, and thoughtfulness of the forum has been invaluable over the years, and the chance to read amazing manuscripts in copy edits is also truly a gift.

Looking forward to as many years again and more to come for CoG! And best of luck to all the team, authors, and support! :four_leaf_clover: :green_heart:


To be honest seeing you guy’s still exist on every end of the fiscal year real make me relieved because seeing how fragile a small game company and not to mention the one that based their business on literally game always make me feel fear you guys will gone. So seeing you guys still fine is yes make me happy

Also the book is cool and rare, mine already get the cover broken because it’s old, it’s pretty old book :+1::smiling_face:


I know, right? For a 44-year-old book, it appears in excellent condition, especially given that its purpose was to be flipped through repeatedly by children.


First of all, congratulations! It is a good- dare I say amazing- sign that there has been more and more people launching WiPs in recent years. Myself included- “Maverick Hunter: Scandalous Mission” is indeed off to a more solid start than before, and this is coming from someone who has only joined the forum at the beginning of this year. The monthly writer’s support thread clearly highlights the strong and healthy bonds between different authors, some masters (Eiwynn, Hannah) and others true novices (myself), and is an example of the good culture of this forum. The market for interactive fiction is far from dead. In fact, it is probably experiencing a revival, thanks to technological advancements.

“New and diverse” is an understatement. A lot of new ground has been broken, whether they be sequels or entirely new works, some of them in a different direction, with many (Platinum Package, Hotsprings, Tea and Scones, Keeper 3, etc) yet to come. Everyone’s resilience is greatly appreciated, what with all these developments (COVID included) - please keep them coming! Looking forward to more good games, more good years! Good luck and best wishes to the team, production and support staff, the authors, and most of all, the fans!


As someone who’s a newbie to CoG and its associated labels, I can see the progress being made. And I’m proud to become part of that progress.

Hopefully, when I finish my WIP for HG and submit it to Kate, I will be compensated for the work I’ve churned out.


My word, that’s a lot of good news there! It’s good to see.

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