Hello CoG community, I am now with a lot of free time and i want to play Some CoGs Games, but i want to play the ones that are most popular before going into the less notorious ones. So, with your own experience, what are the best games of CoG? (No need to be free)

Here are some somewhat-recent topics on the same topic:

There is even one that’s only three days old:

Please do us all a favor and first use the search function for questions like this, OK? If one of these threads is going to pop up every three days this forum is going to get cluttered really fast.

I’ll have to simply direct you to other threads that have asked the same question. After all, there are dozens.

A specific thread on best games
This one is more or less one persons favorite game tribute
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There’s this deeper recommendation list.
And finally, a '13, but still notable list.

Enjoy your search. Although keep in mind that most of these are pretty old and aren’t to be necromanced.
On that note, noting how many varieties of listings there are, I recommend using the search button to find lists or keep your eyes open.

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Thank you, I am new to the forum i should have searched first before asking. Sorry, i will use your links :slight_smile:
(Thanks for the patience)