What's your favorite game of Choice of Games & Hosted Games?


Well the title is pretty self explanatory, but I’m just interested to see which games are your favorite

What is ur fav game so far?

Life of a Wizard is my favourite. Dragon, Broadsides, Vampire (1 & 2), Zombie Exodus and SLAMMED! Are also awesome.


(In no particular order)

Choice of the Dragon
Choice of the Deathless
Choice of the Star Captain

Life of a Wizard
Way Walkers: University 2
Sabres of Infinity

Choice of Rebels
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven


@Samuel_H_Young how is choice of the star captain & sabres of infinity?


Star Captain is hilarious and cute, Sabres of Infinity is grity and epic.


Marine raider, Unnatural, and Zombie exodus


Choice of Dragon
Choice of Broadsides
Tin Star
Apex Patrol
Sabres of Infinity (My #1)


@Azul how is Apex Patrol? I havent played that one


Apex Patrol is by the same author who wrote Tin Star and Marine Raider. It’s really good; the writing is exquisite, there are a ton of choices that all matter, and it has a pretty good length with a satisfying ending.


Well Samuel explained it well its also entirely free so you should read/play it when you get the chance


@Samuel_H_Young I did love Tin Star, I guess I’ll give that game a try


@Azul I definately will


By far ‘Choice of Broadsides’ was the best for me, its a great game


Eight Thrones
Poisoning the steel mind
Beast Within
When In Rome

and a lot more…


What about the published ones xD?


I love all the published games, but I really like the


Way Walkers
Zombie Exodus
As from WIPs definetly Guenevere


Do WIPs count? Because I really loved Asphodel


Sabres of Infinity(all time favourite)
Tin Star
Zombie Exodus
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven


ZE, ORPHEUS RUSE (which is strangely seldom mentioned), CoWizard, Wizard’s Life… Others also.

Red Candle is really good so far as well