Can you recommend me a story game?


I’m looking through the collection of story games here, and can’t decide which one to buy next. Do you guys have any favourites you’d like to recommend? My favourite are Mike Walter’s the Lost heir and Life of a Wizard, mainly because of the large amount of replayability in them.

Recommended games

Two Words: Tin Star


Samurai of Hyuga is a amazing game.


Life of a Mobster has a ton of replayability.


You gotta play Sabres of Infinity. It’s, like, the most debatable game on here.


Why is it controversial?


Some people love it, some people think it’s terrible. Ithink it’s terrible, but then again, it’s just my opinion.


It’s not controversial per say (I gotta edit it) but more like “debatable”. You should check out the GoI thread. It doesn’t have over 10,000 posts for nothing.


I’d recommend @WayWalkerLeigh’s Way Walkers, volumes one and two. I felt like they had a good amount of replayability, and the universe and subject matter remind me a little bit of The Lost Heir.


If it is one of the fantasy genre, maybe you would Iike Lords of Aswick. Though If i’m not wrong, Choice of Robots have quite the amount of replayability.


Well Fatehaven has a really good story if you ask me, but its not really good for replayability because the choices only affect a few things like how you attack rather than anything in the story.


Mecha ace (one of my favourites)


If you like life of a wizard and lost heir, you’ll probably like Way Walkers I’d think :smile:
Samurai of Hyuga is also really good and has some magic themes as well so you might like it as well.
There’s a lot of other really good work up as well, I guess if you’re looking for something along the lines of wizard or heir, they’d probably be the ones I’d suggest though.

(And if you want a freebee and like pirates, check out felicity’s choice story for the if comp. It’s quite different to those two but it’s also well written and and free. (Although I’m sure she’d appreciate a vote if you do happen to like it.) Go to the page and search for scarlet sails. Actually for that matter, I think choice of dragon is still free? That’s up on the COG site also.)


Mecha Ace, Samurai of Hyuga, Choice of Robots and Sabres of Infinity would be my recommendations.


Slammed, even if you don’t like wrestling.


Sabres of infinity, Life of a Wizard, Choice of the Vampire, Choice of Robots, Life of a Mobster are all great games. Especially Sabres of infinity which is my favourite game on here. Also, the lost heir like you said was a great game and I am looking forward to the second installation in that series aswell.


A lot of games seem to be a matter of personal preference, which is why it’s so great that COG gives you the first few chapters for free.

Personally, Zombie Exodus has to be my all time favourite, it’s really long, has great immersion, characters are easy to relate to (optional romance with some of them too) and it has amazing re-playability. Perhaps not the most game changing choices, but strong enough to make you actively feel like it matters.

Following my obvious favouritism to the author, I recently played A Wise Use of Time, which was also good, although shorter and definitely a lot less re playability.

Other notable mentions for me are Choice of Robots, Choice of Broadsides, Choice of Dragon, (Choice of Rockstar was average but I’ll put it on here anyway), Choice of Romance was decent considering the low price of the additional chapters but it felt very limited and the seemingly unavoidable need to reaffirm my sexuality throughout it was tedious.

Life of a Wizard didn’t appeal to me because the style of writing didn’t seem to draw me in, but other people claim to love it.

Sabres of Infinity and Tin Star get a lot of praise and are probably worth checking out too.

Neighbourhood Necromancer looked appealing too although I’ve only played the free chapters so far.


Choice of the Broadside, Tin Star, Versus: the lost ones, and Zombie Exodus (my personal favorite)