Looking for a game

Hey everyone, this is a question in general as I am not looking for a specific game but rather games that falls under my personal preferences, so just post a suggestion if you know of something like that.
I am currently re-playing the lost heir saga, thought I’d mention this as it doesn’t have all of my personal preferences and neither does any suggested game need to have.

What I like

  • Genre: Fantasy, aka low tech.
  • More then 2-3 gender choices, aka what gender one is born with and what gender ones identity is.
  • Species, with or without any bonuses attributed towards said species.
  • Magic, powers, talents, etc
  • Character customization, especially if it is referenced later on in the story
  • Different paths, like be a good guy or bad guy or something in between
  • Classes, thief, mage, fighters, kinda like what they did in the lost heir.

Not a big list but there should be a few games that fit in to a few of these categories.

Thnx for reading

life of a wizard and choice of magic and grand academy for future villains.

Heroes of Myth has a fantasy setting with magic.

If you haven’t already, check out The Evertree Inn and its sequel, Sordwin. You choose from five races and different professions which decide your starting stats, there’s magic, no tech.

Dragon Racer has magic and you have a dragon partner.

Choice of Rebels lets you play the MC in various ways, fantasy, magic. If you choose to do it yourself, a good chunk of the game is a Camp Management section in the winter where you manage your wandering rebel camp and probably try not to starve and not to be discovered.

The Eagle’s Heir lets you decide what gender your character has and how they choose to present themselves, there is also a genderfluid option. It has a more steampunk setting though.

Fatehaven is also a game with magic.

Can’t go without mentioning Fallen Hero: Rebirth, though it does have a modern setting with superpowers. The MC is more defined than in other games, there’s room for customization though. E.g. you can decide to pursue your goals without casualties or by bathing in blood. Second game is in the making.

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Thank you for the recommendations, I will be sure to check it out