Projekt Liquid Fusion W.I.P Minor update added 2018/11/20



And officially i’m saying the poptarts I get in the MREs are better than Bear Paws.


I’ve never had a bear paw


They’re not that good tbh, no different than a soft chocolate chip cookie


Alright guys, I’ve heard from someone who says typing in your name everytime you wanted to playtest gets boring. So! I want to hear from you guys what names you’d like to see added. And please…Be sensible, don’t ask for a name no one would actually want to be named.


I always use Evelyn personally



Are your powers similar to this


Interesting, I haven’t considered that. it’s similar in the way you can transform parts of your body. But doing so is painful and taxing on your mental health, because you are changing the very atomic structure of your body. However being made out of liquid metal you are harder to kill in that aspect normal bullets don’t have any effect on you at all, but energy weapon…Those are painful and when you’re hit enough times you will die. I may add a power later that allows you to manipulate the metal you touch but transforming parts of yourself will be difficult. and will require a high mental stat that you may only regain after a resting period.


So your bones and flesh and muscle change but not your organs?


Yes, you still retain organs because those are non-regenerative, though perhaps given enough time there would be time for developments. But you need those organs to survive, if you attempt to alter any of them the liver perhaps or some of the more important ones Your range of death will be from instant to a matter of hours.


I’d advise not trying to turn into a puddle and go under a door or down a drain you might lose something you need


That’d be highly advisable yes…Which reminds me I should add a few Significant deaths along the way. You never know which choice will lead to your death. To make it more interesting, There will be no save point, i’ll have to come up with a dice roll program from some of the scenes but oh the fun i’m gonna have writing all this.


If you’re going to go the dice Route. Ahem. *Draws Pentagram in the blood of a beloved character than lays a copy of Watchdogs in The center * Arise @MichaelMaxwell Arise and Advise!


A bit of advice… don’t start something you can’t finish…

It’s fun to write something, it’s not so fun when you realize you have so much to write in so little time…

Oh also, @Classified why is your Discord not letting me send you messages?

… I’d rather be summoned with Payday 2 or any of the GTA series, but hey, beggars can’t choosers.

Also, am I seriously the first person to make a game using dice rolls? I’m pretty sure I’m not the first one, and there are other examples out there. Mine are just more complicated. But it’s pretty fun to play around with once you get a good feeling of how things work.

My advice is making a label for the dice roll, and whenever you need to roll for it, use the *gosub or the *gosub_scene command to go to that label to roll.


A little question, do you guys prefer big chunks of updates at a time or do you guys mind if I constantly update the game with minor changes here and there?

Anyway, names have now been added, in the process of adding breakfast now…
I think 5 choices off the start should be good enough


I prefer to read big chunks. I intend to replay big chunks but if you do three dozen mini updates they’ll equal a big chunk so my ultimate ruling do what you feel inspired to do. If you have the time and inclination to write your fingers to the Bone for big go ahead. If you’ve got a certain scene in mind and various reactions but nowhere to go afterwards write that one scene. Trust the muse.


What I really meant was, I will do big chunks of scenes at a time but at the same time, when people suggest changes, when I have the time to I do the changes and then go right ahead and upload them. Just wondering if you guys minded, because often people read something and then some small part is changed and suddenly they think huh…did I read that wrong last time? Some people may find that uncomfortable, so…yeah.

Edit: Also for the breakfast, I know people like their choices so…instead of giving set choices of like say ham, eggs and orange juice. What if people got to choose the main they wanted and the drink of their choice? Then add them all together to make what they want for breakfast.

Edit 2: I’m just wondering what people thought of that idea, is there such thing as giving players too much of a choice? I want the game to have as much free choice as possible so players don’t feel hampered by the choices they are given. instead, doing this I could allow them more free will.

Just how many choices is too many? (Talkin about in game Breakfast choices)

Well in @adrao birth of a hero they have a comprehensive list of all changes they post you could do that if you’re worried you’d have to ask them if it drives them insane keeping track of all that though


My own feeling is that for cosmetic things players want to have lots of choice. The more the better. Also, for dialogue options, the more the better (5-6 answers are good). These are mostly fake choices anyway, in that they only change one variable (like, increase the arrogant or humble attribute, or set the clothes of the MC). However, note that it is good when readers feel that these choices change something. So, in birth of a hero I sometimes insert little parts of code talking about what the MC is wearing, etc…


Well, don’t wanna be that guy but… oh who am I kidding, I definitely wanna be that guy. What can we expect in terms of romance? I’m a sucker for these types of stories especially if they have fleshed out and not tacked on romance.