Projekt Liquid Fusion W.I.P Minor update added 2018/11/20



I mean I’m not great with romance, but just how much romance does one need to be satisfied?


The more the merrier if you ask me. But if it’s not your thing just whatever you feel comfortable with ofc, I’d rather have little/none than forced romance.


ALLLLLLLLLRIGHT everyone! Chapter one is relatively short on the choices but rich in detail! It’s ready to be playtested, Let me know what you think of it guys. And as always I welcome suggestions and changes. Happy Testing! :smiley:
And here’s the link once again if you don’t wanna scroll up!


The_initiation line 241 error


Darn it can you send me a screenshot of where you get that error?
I knew something was gonna go wrong haha


I can’t screenshot but " increasing indent not allowed expected 0 was 1 "

Write in , breakfast burrito, write in drink.


Okay I think I know the issue give me a min to fix and reupload


Now on the subject of romance . View it from a character perspective. For example do you visualize your character living like a nomad/the punisher. Not making connections etc a perpetual bsoldier in a never ending war. That’s fine that’s dandy. If the only real character you care about is the MC and the Villains then you can throw romance put the window. But if you want to give them friends, allies, people to socialize in general with than you might want to consider how the MC could connect with them. Let’s go with Bioware for example Dragon Age Inquisition

Dorian needs a man to help him see he is worthy of love when he has been told loving his own gender is shameful.

Sera loves sex and is afraid of opening up to another woman more than just her legs. Especially to elfy or magic women. But you show her she can trust in someone other than herself.

Cullen is a struggling lyrium addict and needs support whether to kick his addiction or use lyrium to keep him strong.

Cassandra needs someone to let her guard down for.

Solas needs to know there are still good things in this world.

When you write a romance you need to figure out what the MC and the RO need from each other. And how will they be able to find that balance.


Okay, I don’t understand what’s wrong I went to line 241 but there isn’t anything wrong there…I even opened notepad ++ to check manually what the heck?

This is literally what’s on line 241: One by one, your fellow recruits are called down to the medical labs. You look at each and every one of them, you know all their faces, their names, you know each and every one of them like family. For 3 years you have trained alongside them. Emily…Roger…Alyssa…Donovan…You know all of their names and you feel uncertain for the first time, for you never know when you’ll ever see them again if ever.
There is no space in front, or any kind of indent whatsoever



Alright guys I reuploaded try clearing your cache, it should work now!


Hope the screenshot helps x) great game so far by the way


It’s fixed (:


Enjoy guys! i’ll check back tomorrow to see what you guys got for me

Though tbh I’ll probably wait until the first comment before leaving.


Fixed now looks good three write ins this time. Congratulations on the food segment.


Yeah the food took a REALLY long time, what with my having to set the variable as the choice for each food choice TWICE. Totally worth it though, I’m proud of my self I’m taking baby steps!


Now comes the plot stuff :slight_smile:


Yes, next comes the fun part. You are gonna be sent on your first mission. I think that’s a good time to finally start introducing powers. And possibly some new stats actually like cold blooded/conscientious or pragmatic/idealistic. I do wish more people would comment on my ideas so I can get a feel for what would be popular. There is an idea I wanted to run by everyone, I wanted to know if people wanted a squad like a Trio or if they just wanted the character they’re playing to go solo.


I’d recommend you play magikras, mecha Ace, Heroes Rise, birth of a hero really get a feel of squads vs Solo. If you do make a trio and they dont die people will probably want to romance them. Also we’re a volunteer why did we rampage even our volunteering sucks unlike Adam Jensen “we kinda sorta did ask for this”. So hope that’s explained.


What did you mean by rampage?