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I’m assuming we didn’t politely blow up the lab did we?


Haha no, that’s going to be explained once I decide to betray your character heheheh evil grin intensifies Also sorry if I’m dragging out the backstory a bit


So you say we’re going to have the option to be non violent pacifistic etc. How many people died in the explosion?


All in good time, all in good time…wouldn’t be very suspenseful if I told you now would it? All I’ll say is you can choose to blow it up with people in it or give them adequate time to leave but you’ll risk the research being saved rendering the destruction pointless. Or maybe I should institute a percentage system indicating how much of the research has been re-built. So allowing people to leave may give them a head start but you’ll be more idealistic but blowing it up with them all in it will leave them with a smaller starting point giving you more time to stop them and Also increasing your pragmatic stat

Edit: a choice between heartless or a smaller margin for error later in the game really


You escaped from the facility but not before destroying the research and collapsing the entire bunker.

Badass Route: I launched a metal talon into the the test tubes and tore the scientists to shreds before tearing down the walls with my bare hands.

Pacifist route:" Don’t worry doctor I’ll backup the research" presses in command " “DELETING RESEARCH” " oh God no I have to stop This. " Inputs code "BUNKER SELF DESTRUCT SYSTEM ACTIVATED T MINUS TEN MINUTES " Oh fuck oh fuck!" Hits a bunch of buttons "T MINUS TWO MINUTES " Runs away screaming


I have a better idea, the pacifist route will work better if you’ve got higher stealth and the collateral damage route will work well with higher endurance stats plus sharpshooting with no research bar you destroy all research it’s better that way. Now the game isn’t so insanely complicated to code


You do know I’m going to debate your military Villains reasoning once written ;p

General: If we could mass produce this power would make us unstoppable.
MC: Considering how traumatic the process is given that we have to constantly be drowned in a coffin and that serum was agonizing and considering how powerful it’s potential is you basically would run the risk of creating an army of super monsters who no offense intended sir, want to rip off your head and shove it up your own ass. I’d recommend a task force of extremely disciplined highly loyal individuals who cannot be bringing or bargained with. They’ll Serve far better than an entire army of superhumans. Plus we don’t need people getting a god complex.
General: You may have a point… say do you want to kill me.
MC: Off the record sir I kinda want to slap you because man that serum hurt like a bitch but that’s about it.

And then lieutenant evil backstabs general reasonable and steals the data to sell to the highest bidder.

What if a terrorist group tried to steal the research. And your assignment is to destroy the research and protect the scientists and others giving them time to escape you bringing down a tunnel to provide them cover or you could just destroy the research scientists soldiers in a mad rage hell take out the terrorists too, or you could run for it and get things destroyed in the process. It would explain the whole “do you return to the government that made you” if you technically never left them.


How do I wanna approach this? Time will tell good idea though also debate away all you like, that’s what I like to hear. Debates often produce new ideas


Remember the Evil overlord checklist

One of my advisors will be an average five-year-old child. Any flaws in my plan that he is able to spot will be corrected before implementation.

  1. My five-year-old child advisor will also be asked to decipher any code I am thinking of using. If he breaks the code in under 30 seconds, it will not be used. Note: this also applies to passwords.
  2. If my advisors ask “Why are you risking everything on such a mad scheme?”, I will not proceed until I have a response that satisfies them.


@jeruspi also remember that there were different variants tested on everyone it’s highly experimental so the results could are different for everyone which is to say the pain is different for everyone some did not feel anything at all and nor will those people ever feel anything ever again. You’ll find out what happened to the rest of your extended family in the next update


And I should remind you what happened to Freya’s son Baldur in God of War when he stopped feeling


Not the unfeeling he had at the start, but the unfeeling he had at the end when he has his head caved in just to clarify what I meant by “unfeeling”


Still it’s a big risk without already loyal and willing test subjects that’d be like if the Nazis captured puny Steve Rogers and gave him the super soldier serum. “oh God why did we give a person who hates us super strength and endurance!” If you accepted the risks that’s one thing but to want it on a larger scale would require approval of at least five separate psychologists and psychiatrists as well as multiple doctors and scientists. In fact we probably should have a psychiatrist on staff in the first place our society is advanced enough to have them right?


True, true, and true skip to morning I’ll answer more questions. But seriously I should’ve gone to sleep 3 hours ago. I’m still in college. I’m getting too attached to my work already :grimacing::grimacing::open_mouth::dizzy_face::skull_and_crossbones:


Go to sleep I’ll be here to help iron out the kinks in the morning.

For the morning:

Two railroaded paths to simplify things

Soldier: You can be passive or aggressive but on this route your helping save lives in the bunker and keeping Intel out of enemy hands do you make metal claws to rip open the terrorists guts or do you collapse the wall between you and them or use a truck as a shield to protect the scientists.

Result : in the end The Commander sees you in the explosion and believes you dead. You were given posthumous honors unaware you survived

Ending path result: If you face off against the enemy forces you might seem suicidal or maybe the terrorists capture you. Suddenly their base gets assaulted it’s your commander and your old unit here to kickass and help you escape. You can return to the unit or retire afterwards though you go in for checkups because of your unique physiology. If you’re a heterosexual character your your RO might have a child that has powers as a sequel hook. Same sex couples might adopt a kid with a power or if you want it to be purely experimental based the kid is interested in joining the military like you.

Vigilante: you either destroyed your way to freedom or you used defense and stealth and the terrorists we’re responsible for everything else. Your unit and commander die and therefore you never hear from them again. If you want to rejoin the military later it’ll be an ending decision after where you would have been rescued in soldier path not

Result: your contacts/RO/ own skills help you escape from the clutches of the terrorists and you destroy their research/ base same as you did your own.

Ending path: depending how diverse: you rejoin the military as a consultant, you rejoin the military as leader of a new team of people like you, you protect the city like a Venom/Terminator/Batman, You control the city from the criminal underworld, or you dropped the friggin city killing a billion and probably died.

Additionally if chapter 1 is character creation and breakfast are you intending for a two hundred chapter game? I’d advise having each chapter have an Arc. With Chapter 1 ending either after the training exercise but before the escape or after the escape. If after the training exercise then chapter 2 can end in the escape. Think of each chapter as a tv episode and the end is the “hook” into the next one.


I’m working scene by scene tbh it makes the work very manageable and I don’t feel overwhelmed

Gah, I can’t seem to decide whether to kill off all the MC’s teammates at the beginning or later…:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Killing them at the start could be the reason for the MC betrayal as he blames the government or some specific in it


I’m just trying to decide, if I want to be a Proverbial Murderer


You got to trust the narrative.


I’ve just remembered this article: Things To Know If Your Character Will Be Augmented Or Experimented Upon.