Projekt Liquid Fusion W.I.P Minor update added 2018/11/20

Hey COG Community how’s it going? I’m working on a new W.I.P. called Projekt Liquid Fusion, You are a Weaponized test subject who becomes a vigilante in a city called Icarus One a floating city above the clouds. You escaped from a underground lab and now choices lie before you: Do you decide to return to the government that created you? Or do you forge your own path?
The game will include but not limited to: Technological upgrades to your body, different interesting weapons (Imagination is a wonderous thing) and several main paths you can take: The governmental path where you must obey orders, the Violent path where you kill everything that opposes you, The peaceful path where you look for other ways to solve your problems other than your weapons, and a smaller lesser known path: Carefree and careless, simply just seek to ignore everyone and everything. I’ll probably make an achievement for that (Average Denizen: Don’t mind me I just exist)

The Link to the demo:

All Suggestions are welcome and i’ll try to implement as many options as I can.

-Chapter 1 finished
-cleaned up stats
-partial scene added
-Added relationship stats
-Added beginner guns
-Grenades added
-The start of the mission added


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Feel free to comment Here guys on what you think you’d like to be added to the game! It’s the readers that shape the game not the author!

My comment disappeared. Anyway we have the pacifist path the roaring rampage path what other paths should there be.

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I don’t know, it can be whatever you guys want to see added. I’ve set the background, now the story is up to you guys. I’ll make it up as I go along, you guys will tell me what you’d like to see changed or if you think something’s not right

Ok so as a “weaponized test subject”… how about if they are manipulating you into killing certain targets for revenge, but actually the target’s vital fluids are harvested by a mysterious organization in order to fuel the magic that keeps the city floating. That same organization sells their services to the city government, but the city doesn’t know how these supplies are obtained and they don’t really care at first.

You could put in a mechanic where you have to kill something or else suffer damage to your sanity, until you infiltrate a lab or something and are able to reprogram yourself.

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Rubs hands together

Ok so we’re a vigilante why not a villain especially if we’re weaponized against our will? Do you intend to explain why we chose that path? How much of our origins will we get to explore such as who we are before we were weaponized. Will there be the Captain America path of “I’ll do anything for my government” and an Adam Jensen " I never asked for this" path? Is Being mute an option? can we drop the City out if the sky in the end?

Takes breath

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I suggest you break up the paragraphs more, especially on that first page. A wall of text is not a pleasant start and breaking it up will make it easier to read (or maybe that’s just me who gets way less motivated to read something when it’s just in one big chunk), but also it’ll help the flow of the writing by conducting how it’s read. Certain sentences can have more impact when isolated from a pragraph.

Other than that, the premise is interesting. It’s too short for me to really have anything else to say yet. Keep at it, I hope to see more eventually.

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Okay those are all great ideas.

That’s a good idea i’ll get on that

So you want to murder a Population of a Billion?

That’s a good idea, I could make it so the city runs on life energy but only certain people would do. some people don’t provide enough to fuel the city so they aren’t worth it.

Those are all awesome ideas folks! Keep em comin!

Sokovia mark 2 we’d be a legend to the rest of the world.

What if we were taken from the streets as a child and experimented on for years to create this life harvesting vigilante. We could be insane or traumatized


Okay so… I have a few questions.

  1. What exactly are we? The demo mentions varieties of ‘serums’ being tested, what kind of serum is it? Is it like the super-soldier serum? It also mentions ‘trying to meld machine and man’, so are we half cyborg, or is half of our body made of metal and the other half of flesh and bones?

  2. Were we created artificially in the labs? Or were we kidnapped/sacrificed by our families? Were we human to begin with?

  3. What exactly are our abilities? Do we possess only peak human capabilities with added advantage of metal limbs? Or do we have other powers like regeneration, being able to manipulate fire, shoot lasers, shapeshift and that sort of stuff?

  4. Exactly how far into the future does this game take place? What century is it? Is it an alternate world or the same world we live in, just futuristic?


I mean^^^

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All good questions so i’ll try to answer them the best I can.

You are the line between what makes you a human and a machine. The Serum allows the human body and metal to integrate to become one. (Think Terminator where the liquid metal terminator could shape shift into anything) except you still have all of your organs and you still weigh about the same. Your body contains implants designed to help you function better and faster so in a way you are like a cyborg but much better.

You were human to begin with, you were in the military when your name came up for the program. You were one of the best and the brightest, and when the opportunity came up to serve your country better you took it without hesitation. And you volunteered.

The abilities you may get are still yet to be defined (sorry! still working on that)

It’s approximately the same world we live in, it is a futuristic world where man has gone beyond the simple experiments of dabbling in machinery like prosthetics. This is a world where getting a upgraded arm or body or staying completely human is completely natural and normal.

I hope all this answers your questions

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The only thing that i didnt like was the floating city thing.

It won’t be floating when we’re done :wink:


That’s great, thanks for taking the time to answer! It definitely helps in getting across a better idea for the story what our character essentially is and what led to this point.

This is very unique, I’m curious to see how you implement it. We are still mortals then obviously, I’m guessing. Do we still age like normal humans (because we have the same organs)? Exactly how much effort would it take to kill us? Are we vulnerable to diseases?



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Lots of potential can’t wait to see what this develops into congratulations you’ve gained a fan😁

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loving the story already!!! can’t wait to see more~

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